Yang Fires Back At Fru Ndi


PM Philemon Yang

PM Philemon Yang

 Prime Minister Philemon Yang, has chastised SDF National Chairman, Fru Ndi as leading a party leader that uses violence to show political power. “Our party, the CPDM, with President Paul Biya as Head of State, does not believe in the use of machetes, burning of tyres on the road or any form of violence as a means to show political power.  All countries in the world desire peace, unity and development not violence,” PM Yang stated.

Yang’s statement, while addressing CPDM militants at the Bamenda Congress Hall on May 18 during the reception of Northwest Senators, left nobody in doubts that he was referring to SDF Chairman, Fru Ndi, who is reported to have threatened to use cutlasses to curb voter corruption during the last Senatorial Elections on April 14.

Yang said no individual should arrogate the victory of the CPDM at elections to himself or herself, “because it was collective and all of us worked hard to earn the victory we are celebrating today.” He said they have just begun the politics of cleansing the Northwest Region to convert it fully into a CPDM fiefdom.


Minister Ama Tutu Muna said she has been on the field mobilising women; reasons why, more than half of CPDM militants who jammed the Congress Hall were from her Mbengwi constituency.  According to her, with women in support of the CPDM, victory is assured. The Minister of Special Duties at the Presidency, Paul Atanga Nji, described President Paul Biya as the most courageous Cameroonian who has been encouraging his militants to remain focused, steadfast and not to be afraid. 

“He told Pope Benedict when he last visited Cameroon not to be afraid and if we were afraid because of threats from opposition, we could not have swept all the senatorial seats in the Northwest. So, it is time we conquer fear,” Atanga Nji remarked. The eldest Senator of the Northwest, Former Prime Minister, Simon Achidi Achu, congratulated the Fons for working hard to bring victory.  He said if the Fons did not “do what they did,” we could not have won the Senatorial Elections, so, my thanks first go to these Fons.”  

Though Senator Achidi Achu did not give details of what the Fons did, most people concluded that he was referring to nothing else but the oath councilors were forced to take that they will vote only CPDM. As the press had it, some Fons exposed their navels to be touched by not only men, but women, swearing that if they voted otherwise, something awful or a spell will attack them.

As if to contradict what Achidi Achu said, Secretary of State in the Ministry of Mines, Dr. Gentry Calistus Fuh said; “there is no fault in doing clean politics. Our victory was as a result of hard work.” A march led by PM Yang from the Bamenda Congress Hall to Commercial Avenue and back, crowned the occasion which was emceed by Adamu Musa.

By Chris Mbunwe (Cameroon Post)