Why We Must Protect Our Economy In The NW And SW Regions

(Finance District) Bamenda city

The political crisis in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon, the economic sector is greatly hit as most business have been forced to fold up as the local population continues to lose jobs.

The brewery sector has been greatly hit in the crisis as activities slow down due to a purported ban by separatist on products of Les Brassseries du Cameroun because it is a French company.

This is not true. The SABC group has been in Cameroon for the past 70 years at the service of the nation, largely employing Cameroonians. The groups alone is the largest employer in the private sector with at least 200.000 workers with the North West region alone holding about 13 percent of that figure, not to talk of the over 10.000 indirect jobs the company creates. To force several Cameroonians in these two regions to stop working is a falsehood which shouldd be wiped out.

For over 70 years, we have strived to better the living conditions of our workers and Cameroonians and has at least 400 collaborators in the North West and South West regions who share our vision with their families. The group can also point to the fact that it has always been with the people through cultural festivals like NGONNSO, LEILA, ABINE NFOR, SHAATANG, NIKAI, GUZANG, WIDIKUM, BATIBO.

The Anglophone community is proud of Clinton Njie today who is a product of Les Brassseries Football Academy while several winners of the Mutzig star competition from the Anglophone regions have gone on to shine thanks to the company.

Because the security and safety of workers is a priority, the company has decided to shut  down shops in some cities in the North West and South West regions but the company firmly remains with the population of these regions in these trying moments. The company believes it is a collective effort with the population to beat fear and revive the economy. The company can only grow for Cameroonians, with Cameroonians and by Cameroonians.

Note should be taken that SABC has  01 commercial Centre in Bamenda and 04 Depots (Kumbo, Nkambe, Wum and Fundong) in the Northwest. The combine work forces in this centres stands at over 400 workers, with over 200 in Bamenda and about 50 in each of the 4 Depots, a majority of whom are from the North West Region.

Beside sponsoring and supporting  annual dances like NGONNSO, LEILA, ABINE NFOR, SHAATANG, NIKAI, GUZANG, WIDIKUM, BATIBO etc), SABC also carries out various Open Days in schools and communities promote Northwest talents though it Mutzig star, Top Cup Competition, Holiday Championships with “33” Export, Fanta  Holiday show, Sprite street dance, Trade fair and its Christmas for all (parties for schools, groups, associations, Scholarships to Pupils and Students, Academic Internships etc. SABC also carry out health community programs like free screening of high blood and diabetes, distribution of water in hospital wards, donations to schools etc.