What Is Constantly Attracting President Biya Abroad?


The Urge To Spend Tax Payers Money
Biya has only one reason why he goes abroad regularly, and that is to spend the billions of FCFA that Cameroonians pay as taxes. He has access to money which itches him and the only way to get rid of the money is to go to Europe where everything is expensive. After all, we say in Pidgin English that “goat di chop for place wey dem tie yi”. The President is doing what he knows best  at the expense of Cameroonians.
Magnus Jimla, Civil Society Activist, Kumba

The Good Of The Nation
President Biya’s trips abroad are not any fun fair. He goes out often to do work and to ensure he acquaints himself with the modern trend of events. He is not supposed to helm in himself in Cameroon as if he is a prisoner. It is for the good of the nation, to gain knowledge and comes back refreshed. I know we, as his subjects might not know the reasons why he is constantly out of the country, but I am telling you he goes out for the good of Cameroon.
Charles Awemo, Divisional Delegate for Transport, Boyo

He Wants Cameroon To Emerge In 2035
The President is always going out of the country because he has an agenda of Cameroon becoming an emerging economy by 2035. His frequent visits to Europe are to enable him gather experience from the Europeans who are already well advanced in terms of infrastructural and political development.

This explains why his delegation is always made of top Government Ministers who assist him in lobbying businessmen to come and invest in Cameroon. He also uses such visits to seek new administrative ideas which are beneficial to the country.
Kingsley Agbor Ayuk, Principal MACBICOL, Buea

Medical Check-ups
You know our President is not a young man and so, there is constant need for doctors to check his health situation. He goes out there to Europe to get the best medical attention so that he will be able to serve the nation as President. I know Cameroonians will complain but I think our President is ok by me. Once the President is doing well, Cameroonians too go about their activities without problems because health is wealth.
Elvis Itoe, CPDM Militant, Kumba

To Consult His Colonial Hierarchy
He goes out quite often to consult his colonial hierarchy on how to run Cameroon. Either he is out of Cameroon on health reasons or diplomatic consultation, or he might just be running away from burning issues, otherwise I don’t understand why he is constantly out leaving the country in abeyance.
Barrister Jacob Ateh, Amaazee Chambers, Bamenda.

To Kill Boredom
Considering the fact that the Head of State is already an old man, one of the things that are constantly sending him out of the country is boredom. As such, his frequent visits to Europe and other continents in the world afford him the opportunity to relax away from his tedious administrative obligations back at home. Since the President cannot provide such a conducive atmosphere in Cameroon in his era, he has set his administrative machinery in such a way that even in his absence, the country can still be run by his Ministers.
Emmanuel Kum, IT Technician, Ekona

To Make Appointments
Basically, President Biya always goes abroad because, you know, Cameroon is managed from France and that is how he gets to make appointments after consultations with the French authorities. All high ranking appointments in this country are done with approval from the French Presidency, although Biya must not necessarily meet with the French authorities in Paris. He is the President and so, he has the knife and the yam to choose a location.
Jean Fonkep, Mechanic, Kumba

He Is More Comfortable Abroad
The first thing is that he has never been a nationalist like former (late) President Ahmadou Ahidjo. Biya is a man, I think, after his primary and high school, he left for France. So, he is most comfortable abroad. He goes for consultation abroad.

Another thing that keeps him away is that he seems to be insecure here in Cameroon, in France he is more at ease than at home. You will remember that Biya always forms his Government from abroad. He has a political and economic problem that, to me, keeps him out of Cameroon.
Edward Chifu, Publisher/Editor, Vanguard Newspaper

His Businesses And Bank Accounts Abroad
I think the President does not like Cameroon and Cameroonians because there is no President in any country who will take as many as 10 years before visiting a particular Region in his country, but everyday, he is out of the country.

This shows that he values the things that are in foreign countries than in his own country. When the President came, it was a big issue as his Ministers and supporters of his party magnified the visit out of proportion, which was not supposed to be case. His constant visits abroad show that he does not love his country.

Secondly, it also shows that he must have invested so much outside. As such, these outings give him the opportunity to visit his numerous bank accounts and businesses. Another reason is health. Most of these Presidents who are power mongers and want to reign forever  never accept that they are sick, and so use such visits to seek medical attention abroad under the guise of private or officials visits.
Thomas Mbersoh Ambe, Lab Technician, Ekona

I belief the President of the Republic is entitled to his privacy and leave like any other civil servant; so, there is no big deal if he goes abroad from time to time. You know when he goes abroad, it gives him enough time to think about renewing the management strategy of the nation and, by so doing, he comes back refreshed with new decisions that keep this poor country Cameroon surviving.
John Ojong, Trader, Kumba

Political And Medical Consultations
He might be going abroad for political consultations or medical attention, given his advanced age. But, all in all, he best knows why he cannot sit at home and concentrate for once.
Francis Ngwa, Franco-Ventures (School Bookshop)

Cameroon’s Wealth He Has Invested Abroad
When the President took power in 1982, he promised to rule even better than his predecessor. But a few years after, the President became more of a foreigner than a citizen in his own country as he spent most of his time abroad than he does in Cameroon. This is because he has invested most of the country’s resources abroad and has rendered the economy incapacitated. 

Businesses do not flourish, even agriculture which was once a vertebrate of the country has been paralysed and our youths are leaving the country in search of greener pasture because the country is being ruled by a President who has made himself more of a foreigner than a Cameroonian.
Lucas Ako Mbi, Farmer, Ekona

Search For Funds
Personally, I think the President of the Republic usually goes abroad to source for money so that he can effectively manage Cameroon. Everyday, we see and hear almost all Divisions complaining of roads, water, electricity and access to health services. So uneasy lies the head that wears the crown. Biya has a lot of canvassing to do abroad and that’s why we see him always coming back from international summits late.
Pamela Ajang, Teacher, Kumba


Compiled by Chris Mbunwe, Maxcel Fokwen, Isidore Abah, Carthia Ndingi Elangwe


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