Undue Salary Cuts Leave Civil Servants Disgruntled

Ministry of Finance Yaounde

A technical error in the allocation of salaries this month has bereft some civil servants of some allowances. Pay day this first month of 2012 was such a nightmare for many of the victims who could not initially get their bankers and treasury officials to explain the unfortunate situation.

“Following the treatment of the payroll in the month of January 2012, a reduction in the net salary of some State agents was noticed,” a communiqué signed on Wednesday by Finance minister, Alamine Ousmane Mey acknowledged. “This situation resulting from dysfunction in the system ignored certain indemnities,” Alamine Mey attempted an explanation.

“While regretting the inconvenience caused, the minister of Finance wishes to reassure the State agents concerned that their salary situation will be regularized at the shortest possible notice,” the communiqué read of State radio implored.  Public service salaries in Cameroon are paid monthly from the 26th of every month.

Authorities at the salary department of the ministry normally begin the allocation of salaries from the 20th of the month. Depending on the means of payment chosen by the civil servant, pay slips are either printed or bank transfer invoices constituted. The process continues until the 26th when workers can begin having access to their pay.

The process is computerized and is coordinated by the National Centre for the Development of Informatics commonly referred to as CENADI, where the computer servers are lodged. Based on the minister’s explanation and additional information gathered at the ministry, the computers at CENADI seem to have witnessed some problems this month. The effect was devastating for many.

“January is generally a difficult and slow month,” a family head who receives pay through BICEC Biyem-Assi told CameroonPostline.com. “With this kind of cut, I may not be able to meet my targeted expenditure this weekend. I have a njangi to play and I wonder how I will meet the cost.” Although he could not offer explanations on the specific charges cut and the indemnities not paid, the victim however expressed satisfaction that the ministry of Finance had promised to take measures against the situation.

At the basement of the Finance ministry itself, CameroonPostline.com ran into a queue of civil servants waiting to have a copy of their pay slips printed on Thursday afternoon. “I want to have an idea of what exactly was cut from my salary,” a civil servant explained. “I was at my bank this Thursday morning and was surprised to notice a cut.”

Nearby a more elderly civil servant who had just printed hers explained that her allowances as chief of service had disappeared as well as her know how indemnity. “I have already withdrawn my salary but I hope the minister’s promise will be fulfilled soon so I can complete the sum,” she prayed.


Source: The Post