UN Tanks in Cameroon

UN Peacekeepers South Sudan

An online video is circulating, showing UN tanks being transported in Cameroon. The authenticity of this video has not been verified, but French online news site, cameroonweb carries an amateur video shut by a motorist who bypassed trailers transporting UN marked vehicles. The voice behind over in the video (french) clearly states that he is in Yaounde.

Cameroon web also reports that “witnesses testify that on Tuesday, October 17, Yaounde saw trucks carrying UN vehicles on board” (my translation) adding that the vehicles are intended for a peace mission in the volatile Anglophone regions

Others have been quick to quash these allegations, saying the mya be UN vehicles returning from a peace mission in the Central African Republic or elsewhere. It should also be noted that UN ehicles can not be deplored in Cameroon without the authorisation of the goverment except in a case of conflict that is getting out of hand.