After surmounting intense mental and at times physical torture, PAP thought it had found a leeway to contest the upcoming patliamentary and municipal elections. But more of illusion it was: CPDM had reserved an arsenal of devastating and even lethal weapons of mass destruction in armouries of abusive incumbency.

The first offensive was launched by the department of taxation. While some select civil servants in regional and divisional headquarters were paying as little as 15.000 francs as land property tax, the minimum every PAP candidate for municipal election for the Akwaya council was compelled to and did pay was 40.000 francs. What it meant is that the “house” or the farm of an ordinary villager in Akwaya that is almost wholly inaccessible by raod was assessed at 40 million francs; given that land property tax is 0.1% of the value of the land. What a disgusting travesty of honesty and reasonableness!

Upon realizing that PAP had surmounted that erected insuperable hurdle in spite of its meagre resources, CPDM soon changed tactics. They disseminated malicious and criminal misrepresentation that PAP had been banned in Cameroun and in the Cameroons. Gullible as Camerounese and Cameroonians are, declared potential candidates simply despondently withdrew before we had had time to rebut the lie. We ended up losing three councils in Manyu!

Even with the lone council PAP has successfully presented candidates for, the Senior Divisional Officer (SDO) for Manyu did appoint himself the local head of ELECAM and hastily misrepresented to Yaounde that PAP had presented its list 7 (seven) minutes after midnight (the deadline). Questioned how he had obtained the relevant information given that the only telephone link with Akwaya is through the community tele-centre which is shut down all night; and in what capacity he was reporting the situation, Mr. SDO claimed that the information was from the security at Akwaya. That of course was only a dull answer as the said security has no tele-communication equipment at Akwaya. Also was the answer as to his capacity for reporting not forthcoming.

The divisional delegate for ELECAM, who is the manager of a certain Peter Agbor Tabi’s hotel, was now procured to retell the SDO’s invention for corroboration. Mr. divisional delegate, Peter Agbor Tabi’s surrogate, too did remain dumfounded as to why the municipal delegate of ELECAM at Akwaya had received the file possessed of the fact that it had come seven minutes late. And that is the rub!

International election observers shall soon tell the world, as usual, that the election “was free and fair”! It shall matter not any pre-polling rigging, or “rural rigging”. … URBAN MEN ONLY! In consideration of air-conditioned vehicles, and the sealing of perforated pockets!

Papal absolution, exorcism, benediction!"

By Ayah Paul