The PCC parts company with the enigmatic Pastor Warah Solomon




June, 18 2012

The Presbyterian Church in Cameroon (PCC) has parted company with one of the most enigmatic figure the church has known in recent times, Pastor Che Warah Solomon of the PC Ngomgham, Mankon-Bamenda.

His dismissal is contained in a “confirmation of termination” letter signed by the Synod Clerk, Rev. Abwenzoh William Membong on behalf of the church on June, 2 2012 and serve Pastor Warah on June, 5 2012 at 8:30 am.

“You have terminated your services with the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon” the letter reads, blaming Pastor Warah for violating his priestly vows with impunity and on many occasions”

“You are known to have been running church activities elsewhere which are parallel to and conflicting with those of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon. Your attention has been called to the above-mentioned acts and behaviours on more than one occasion and you have continued to do whatever pleases you each time” the statement continued.


Pastor Che Warah Solomon gained prominence a few years back through his healing services while serving in Baforkum, Tubah Subdivision as pastor.  His healings were so effective that flocks rushed to Baforkum from across the country to seek divine help through him.

Already on a collision course with the church, pastor Warah expanded his activities after his transfer to Ngomgham to include church activities out of the church compound, private prayer cells, sale of religious spiritual items like bibles, crucifix and olive oil, a church source confided to Bamenda Online.

But to his followers, they think the church leaders are afraid of the growing influence and power of pastor Warah and have been trying to silence him ever since.

Last Sunday June, 10 2012, Pastor Warah organized a heavily attended service at a community hall  in Ngomgham, the first after his dismissal from the PCC, an indication of the final rupture of relations with the PCC.

A close source to Pastor Warah said he intends to travel back to South Africa to continue his studies and would lead “The Zionist Family International” church when he comes back.

Pastor warah is one of two pastors whose services with the PCC was terminated this month.

By Abongwa Fozo

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