Almost all of yesterday, the 19th day of April, 2012, most of Buea was without electricity and water. Since morning today too, the taps are dry. This may surprise those who are not resident in Buea. For the inhabitants of this capital city of Kamerun, those privations have already become a new way of life. The only surprise is that this new mistreatment of Kamerunese coincides with the much-talked-about thermal plant of Limbe that was vaunted by Camerounese choir, the CRTV, to be the panacea of power cuts in the Southern Federated State of Kamerun.


This arrogant hurling of holy innocence into the heart of the inferno with celebrated impunity is all the more excruciating in that it comes within the week of eulogies propagated by Yaounde choristers about the superabundance of power in Cameroun in the near future. To be somewhat precise, the CRTV traitors sang all of Thursday and/or Friday, April 12/13, that a convention has been signed for the building of a dam in Southern Cameroun for the supply of electric power to the area in question, and to the “Littoral Region, Equatorial Guinea and Gabon”…Nothing could be more confounding!


Even the demented in their lucid moments do know that some 80% of Camerounese and a higher percentage of Kamerunese do not have electric power in their homes, much less regular supply. Would a person with a normal reasoning faculty not find it an aberration then that, like the poor villager who in his ignorance sells his vegetables and lacks vegetables at home, the powers-that-be in Cameroun would collect taxes from the citizens of Cameroun and Kamerun and use the money to produce electricity for foreign nationals in priority? Is not that grotesque pillage?


You may wish to answer the questions your own way! But let it be remembered that the oath to defend the sovereignty and the territorial integrity of a country circumscribes both the territory (ratione loci) and the persons (ratione personae). This precludes any consideration of a foreign territory and foreign persons even where such persons speak the same language with the persons entitled. It is therefore immaterial that persons in Equatorial Guinea and Gabon share a common language with the inhabitants of Southern Cameroun. Favouring them at the expense of Camerounese and even Kamerunese would be in shouting violation of the presidential oath of office. It makes no difference that the ulterior motive is a veiled conception of a Fang-speaking empire. Some bold jurists would read the offence of high treason into such conduct!