TFF Praise Cameroonian Bravery and Solidarity in the Face of Boko Haram

Dr. Fomunyoh president TFF

Dr. Fomunyoh president TFF

Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh president of the Fomunyoh Foundation (TFF) and senior associate and regional director for Central and West Africa at the National Democratic Institute (NDI) has saluted the bravery, solidarity and determination of Cameroonians in the Far North Region in the face of the Boko Haram menace.

He made the remark Thursday march 12, 2015, at a press briefing at the TFF headquarters in Mile VI Mankon-Bamenda after a one week humanitarian and fact-finding trip to the Far North, North and Adamawa regions of northern Cameroon.

“During the trip, I was comforted by the noticeable bravery and determination of our fellow compatriots to act with resolve and in solidarity with each other in countering Boko Haram and managing the negative consequences of this crisis” he said.

images of displaced victims in Far North (courtesy TFF)

images of displaced victims in Far North (courtesy TFF)

He also added that his media outing in Bamenda was to paint the situation of the crisis in northern Cameroon which is mostly covered by the international media to local reporters who only get their information from other sources.

The trip to the north Dr. Fomunyoh said was particularly aimed at showing support to the troops fighting on the front line to defend the national territory and secure freedom, show solidarity with the affected populations in the Far North region by donating towards some of their basic needs, communicate a message of hope, hard work and aspiration for a brighter future amongst the youth and to contribute to the sensitization of national and international opinion to the risks and consequences of Boko Haram in the immediate, medium and long term.

Beside meeting the above objectives during this trip, TFF plans to carry out more of similar trips in the future and has planned concerts with northern-born, France based artist Idy Oulo for the cities of Douala, Yaoundé, Garoua and Bamenda as from March 21st to April 4th with the entire proceeds destined for the internally displaced from the conflict.

  Responding to journalists’ worries on a number of issues, Dr Fomunyoh briefed that it’s unfeasible for Frances to be behind Boko Haram as purported in some quarters because the group is completely against what France stands for and has even pledged allegiance to Islamic State. But he French weapons found with Boko Haram he continued is as a result of arms traffickers who smuggled arms from conflict zones to other fresh hot spots.

He speculated that Boko Haram was initially able to arm itself from weapons from regional conflicts in places like Libya, Liberia, Sierra Leone, the Middle East and Sudan and from the Nigerian Army stock after capturing military bases.

he said tFF took more interest on the Boko Haram conflict because it’s of a regional dimension and described it as “the most important crisis Cameroon has known since independence”

He used the opportunity to outlined some of the achievement of the TFF which include amongst others building the capacity of journalist in the Northwest, working on HIV sensitization and prevention, book donations and partnering with development associations.

Dr Fomunyoh leaves Cameroon for Abuja where in his capacity as Central and West Africa Regional Director of the National Democratic Institute will co-lead an international delegation to observe that country’s presidential and legislative elections scheduled for March 28.

By Ndi Tsembom Elvis