Nonconformism: Controversy Is My Name*
(Truth at War with Falsehood)

Tassang Wilfred

Deacon TASSANG Wilfred

Dear Ambazonia,
When I wrote to denounce Kamto and warn Ambazonia against his wiles, I little imagined that it was going to raise so much controversy and attract this much attention. Am I worried? Not the least. If anything, this will unite the struggle as it has acted as precursor to the unearthing of evil most viciously hidden.

I was never brought up to shy away from controversies; not at home, not in school and certainly not in my new love with Jesus the Christ.
Romans 12:2
And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God. If the whole world chooses to lie, I will not, because I will not conform to evil. I am in fact having the season of my life since our abduction because at last, falsehood that had been so carefully hidden under a pretentious façade is being exposed.
I confess my love for you, Ambazonia. And what is it about my love for you?
1Cor.13:6 Love is not happy with evil, but is happy with the truth. GNB
The truth is so very Central to this liberation struggle. No Truth, no justice, no liberation. I’ll die for it.

I am sorry for sermonising. In this note, I will by the grace of God, denounce the falsehoods that have once more been declared in the wake of the Kamto denunciation. The very first one is contained in a note by someone reacting to Bro. Xmas Ebini’s reaction to the Disclaimer. See it attached and highlighted here below. I’ll take it along with another by my fellow inmate Kisob Bertin, who also goes by the pseudonyms; Pastor Amba, and General Chop No Die.

Perhaps I should open up to you a little!! The US embassy sent an official recently to meet our jailed leaders and to inform them of the American position on the crisis in Southern Cameroons!! Immediately the official said, we have asked Yaounde to discuss with your leader Sisiku Ayuk Tabe!! Tasang interrupted the speaker and shouted that they should negotiate instead with the leaders in the USA and cited Sako and Chris!! Put yourself in their place Seseskou Ebini, will you continue to keep someone like that around?

In the note above that ends with a very visible threat to my life, (not that it matters) the author who is by all means a friend of Nera10-1, affirms that I, Tassang Wilfred rudely interrupted a US diplomat that visited us in jail as you can see above, etc etc. In Kisob’s diatribe, he says Batonier Akere Muna was the one who visited. I think it will be a sin against Ambazonia and my God if this particular matter is not addressed forthwith.

Let it be made abundantly clear that no US diplomat has visited us. Our only contacts with diplomats, US and others, has been in court. So, there is no way that I could ever have rudely interrupted somebody who didn’t come. Or could I?

On the other hand, Batonier Akere Muna did come, with two junior colleagues from Muna and Muna. Before I proceed, I will disappoint many to say here that I respect the Munas a great deal, and Batonier Akere in particular, my differences with him concerning Ambazonia notwithstanding. And this is why; during the preparations leading up to the trial of us Nera 10, Barrister Akere gave the only position that should have been ours, but it was put aside by Barrister Shufai who claimed he had a water tight strategy. Akere said with authority that we should not submit ourselves to the Military tribunal. According to the learned man of Law, Yaoundé had violated international Law and therefore should not try us. He said the court will try and sentence us in abstentia but it will be of nil effect. I thought it made sense, but it didn’t to learned Shufai Barrister Berinyuy B. We went to court and when Shufai’s strategy was put to the test, it was Akere Muna who came to the rescue. On the question of our identify following our declaration that we were Ambazonians, and not Camerounese, and when the court began presenting our identification papers, and passports, it was Akere who came to the rescue. The genius at Law sprang up and with brilliance, argued that passports and National Identity Cards were not proof of nationality, stating that by Camerounese Law, nationality is conferred by only one document; the cirtificate of nationality. He further stated that the latter certificate is valid for 03months only. He challenged the court to produce same, valid, to no avail. See why I respect the gentleman? But that is as far as it goes.

I can’t say that the Batonier merited the same esteem at all when he visited us on January 28 2020, even if I was in no way disrespectful of him. And what brought the Batonier? He was his own envoy and came to brief us on his efforts among African Heads of States (former) to bring about some form of forum on Cameroun. He did start by trying to insinuate that some diplomats in Yaoundé were looking up to those of us in jail. This greatly elated my brothers who want to be seen as the only legitimate leaders of the struggle. But, dear people, I saw further into the game plan. Batonier Akere badly wanted approval from Kondengui IG to achieve his project, and to my humble judgment, that plan was anti-restoration. I was about one of the last persons to react and I told our brother without mincing words that his project won’t fly. I advanced the following reasons:

  1. I told him that the Southern Cameroons question was beyond Africa and the AU. I reminded him of the 2002 Banjul ruling which ruling was endorsed by the AU heads of States. What have they done about it? The AU cannot execute its own resolution. Moreso, since the conflict started, the AU has not made an objective statement on it. Why will we then trust the African Forum working under the auspices of the AU?
  2. Secondly, I objected because the agenda of that forum is Cameroun and not the restoration struggle. According to Batonier Akere Muna, there would be *500 participants with 50 coming from each of the 10 regions. Another 1972 referendum? It came out clearly that the expected outcome was to be some transition government with Paul Biya at the helm. How will such a forum address Ambazonia?
  3. On the third ground, I objected because he said they were negotiating for the Nera 10 to be given safe passage from Yaoundé to the Conference and back to jail. Yours truly, I told our brother with acid in my voice that it was not to be contemplated. We won’t attend a conference knowing that we would return to jail if we didn’t yield. Now that my brothers have an issue with my position, let them go; the son of my father will not.
  4. With regards to my referring him to Sako and Chris, that is what you’d call a *half truth. But since no half truths exist, it is simply put, a lie. I did let Akere know that he was addressing the wrong audience. I referred him to President Sako whom he almost derided trying to pamper my brothers, and to Yerima, and Ayaba. Yes, I mentioned this three names.

For you who are angry that I listed Yerima, I did on purpose. I don’t know the man, but I long came to terms with reality; the split. I also know that those members of the KIG are there because they mean well for Ambazonia, and more importantly because they have not been told the truth. When that truth is exposed as it now is in the process of, shall they not all turn their backs on falsehood?

About the CIA investigating Sako. Come on. Even in a nightmare, Batonier Akere will not say a thing like that. Who doesn’t know what Langley does?

Now, only Nera 10 members were allowed in the meeting though Muna and Muna wanted to talk to all of us. Kisob Bertin was not part of that meeting therefore. It follows that those who disclaimed the Kamto denunciation have arranged for him to churn all these lies. Am not new to Kondengui. Is it not the same Kisob/Pastor Ambe who declared with their blessings that Nera 10 leaders had been poisoned and that President AyukTabe and 02 others had collapsed. And have they not filed a suit in court on this account as well? Shameful!
And have I not made reference freely to my brother the Batonier? Let even my father Pa Nfor disclaim me, this is theTRUTH.

I will also make allusion to a document I have learnt Shufai Barrister Berinyuy B. sent out, in which document he States that I, Pa Tassang Wilfred am their Press Secretary. Nothing can be further from the truth. Press Secretaries issue Press statements on behalf. Can he show me one that I issued? I did work with the Press Officer of our case, Barrister Amungwa, pushing and helping him to ventilate the struggle. Does that make me their Press Secretary? When Sisiku set up a team to provide answers to Jeune Afrique’s questions, was I part of the team? Now, they have another from “Le Messaged”.Ambazonia, should I not instead of denouncing Kamto have denounced Nera 10-1 first?

Let me however thank Shufai for bringing clarity into our meetings with Kamto et Al. There were in fact 03 members in our team, not four as I said. Does this specification make Kamto not to be a liar? Shufai even went ahead to state that I was appointed to be in that delegation but I turned it down. For exactitude, let it also be known that Pa Nfor also refused to be part of that discussion because both of us were opposed to it.

However, since His Majesty Shufai mentioned this as though to contradict me, I’d have loved for him to tell Ambazonians the reasons I advanced. Can he? I told my brothers to keep a safe distance from those men. I reminded them of Kamto’s wit and his track record as listed in the controversial denunciation. I also let them know that the Kamto team would size us up and get facts which he would use against us subsequently. Even this wouldn’t fly with my brothers. Matter was put to vote and Pa Nfor and I lost. They went. Now, it has become anathema to say that a man who lied in Paris concerning us is a liar. Class, how do you call a man who lies? Answer!


Now it turned out that they were contacted by the CRM to issue that statement to satisfy the professor. This as you all now know, was told us in all innocence by Dr Ogok Ntui Egbe-Ngu. Is it not now clear how much rapprochement there is between Nera10-1 and Kamto?

To make matters worse, the same Kamto they are trying so had to defend and protect lied even to them. Are my brothers under a spell? The Disclaimer, Pa Nfor told me, was supposed to be confidential, yet it is out there. Is Prof. Kamto anything but a liar? Oh God! Help us.

LRC 2018 Presidentials

During the 2018 presidential election campaigns, the media wanted to know from the CRM candidate, Maurice Kamt how he intended to solve the “Anglophone problem if elected.” Several times, the Professor replied that the matter was left to the Cameroonian people, that he would handle it once he is president. Give me a break. Kamto was the only candidate in that election who didn’t have the war in Ambazonia as a worry. This politician is extraterrestial.

Just so I don’t sound insulting, I’ll overlook the tribal insinuation as well as the basic English confusion on who is fortunate and who isn’t.

Attempt to Compromise

A couple of weeks after the Kamto team left Kondengui, his party’s Secretary General, accompanied by a much older person and another, younger, paid us a visit in Kondengui. The older person we recognised as elder brother to one of Kamto’s allies who was in prison with us, for he came often. The younger gentleman introduced himself to me as one of a delegation that members of the Consortium received in Bamenda in January 2017. Prof. Uphie Chinje and Minister Fru Calixtus Gentry were others. These gentlemen were received by Sisiku Julius AyukTabe and Prof CA Awasum on our behalf. It was on a Sunday and because of this, we were only briefed on the visit the next morning after meditation. The old gentleman we were told, said he was a close friend of President Biya and so proposed himself to meditate between us and Paul Biya. Sisiku informed us that the man wanted us to write a letter of apology to Paul Biya in exchange of our release. That we refused to write that letter is not the issue. Matter is, I don’t know why this stroke me as odd and does not strike my brothers; that Kamto’s Secretary General would bring someone to us whose mission was to torpedoe the struggle. I don’t know whether you get my drift. I tremble even as I write this.

On Disclaimers

Before I end, let me note here that my Nera brothers have not written a disclaimer against the lies Kisob proclaimed about the meeting we had with Batonier Akere Muna which means they approve.

When I isolated myself from my brothers of Nera Hotel fame in May 2019, it was because I believed that their action was not only treacherous, but was treasonable. In disclaiming a note that had nothing to do with their persons in anyway, am sure my brothers also believed I had committed treason, or at the least, acted treacherously. Question is; against who? I don’t mind them coming out again to denounce this note, or deny the contents thereof.
It would however have made more sense if these defenders of the truth had started by disclaiming the wicked publication from Kisob Bertin alias Pastor Ambe which put Ambazonia into panic. They didn’t. Is it therefore true that we were poisoned and that Sisiku and two other Nera 10 members collapsed? Didn’t they keep quiet because it suited their purpose? Or was it not a lie enough to warrant denunciation? Seems like a lie is whatever doesn’t suit their darker purpose. Hmmm.

My Nera 09 brothers are enraged because I am supposed to have stopped eating from the common table on account of the threat to my life from one of them or theirs (See note highlighted here above). Wouldn’t it have been normal for these experts in disclaimers to have distanced themselves from this note to Xmas Ebini. How on Earth can these men be angry that I fear for my life? Was their earlier crime that let to two governments not reason enough to have warranted my not eating with them? Now, I am furious, and terribly enraged myself. Can someone tell my brothers that they have many things to disclaim and some in arrears?

These are interesting times. The only thing I can say is that we pray even harder this Lent season. I believe very firmly that order is returning to the struggle. Ambazonia should get ready to forgive each other after the truth is revealed. We are closer more than ever before.

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