Suspended GCE Examiner X-rays malpractices and Calls for Monono to be Investigated


Results off the June 2015 session of the Cameroon General Certificate of Education have been released. The results were released on July 30, 2015, scoring a positive mark for the GCE Board and its registrar, Humphrey Monono Ekema. But this has come following some startling revelation about the current Registrar of the Board during the struggle to establish the board in the early 90s. We caught up with one of the examiners of the CGCE Board who was suspended in 2014 for what was claimed to be examination malpractices. Muluh Gideon, Assistant Chief Examiner for English Language believes that he along two other colleagues were suspended because of their political inclinations and give a series of reasons why and calls on the authorities to investigate Monono mantleship at the Board. He spoke to Abongwa Fozo and Fokum Pivadga Emmanuel of Bamenda Online (Bonet) and The Enquirer Newspaper in Bamenda recently.

Muluh Gideon

Question: Mr Gideon Muluh, you were one of three examiners suspended in 2014 for alleged examination malpractices, can we know why you were suspended?

Gideon Muluh: Thank you, the decision suspending us as assistant chief examiners for O/L English language and O/L physics and the third person is an examiner in A/L Literature in English, the decision suspending us which has never been served on us has it that “gave unauthorized invitations to examiners for a meal at the residence of the National Chairman of the SDF” and this was captioned “Examination malpractice

Question: Has this decision been uplifted or it’s still pending?

Gideon Muluh: I wouldn’t say whether it has been uplifted or not because I don’t even consider that I was suspended in the first place, because I was given an invitation to mark the 2015 GCE Examination. By that invitation it means that I was never suspended or that, that suspension was uplifted.

Question: Did you happen to have marked the 2015 session of the GCE?

Gideon Muluh: I didn’t

Question:  Why?

Gideon Muluh: When I received the invitation which was given to me and this invitation is signed on the 13 of June 2015 by the registrar of the GCE Board, and I Gideon Muluh of GTHS Ndop, position, Assistant Chief Examiner, subject title “530 English Language”, marking centre -BGS1 Molyko, Reference Number 264/2015/GCE Board/R/DRE/EO-OLG was signed by the Registrar of the GCE Board and served on me.

When I received this invitation with my travelling warrant which the Delegate of Secondary Education for Ngoketunjia where I work has signed placing me on mission, two hours after the delegate called me on phone and told me that he wanted to see my invitation. I sensed something. I went to the house and brought him a photocopy of the invitation which he looked and told me in all honesty that he has been asked to withdraw the invitation from me because it was given in error. And politely I told my delegate that that Invitation was in my name, that was my personal document and that not even the Head of State of Cameroon could ask me to pick that document and hand it back to him.

Instead I thought that I was telling the delegate that in administration, if they thought that it was an error they would have written another letter and have that letter served on me that that invitation that was given to me was in error that would have now abrogated that invitation. This letter was never written and sent to me. So by my understanding I had not been suspended from marking the GCE.

When I thought about this I decided to travel down to Buea for the marking because according to the invitation I was supposed to be in Buea on the 29 June 2015 which was a Monday at 8 o’clock as a subject official. I when there as a subject official, all the subject officials of the subjects that were to be marked in Buea we met in the hall, we sang the national anthem, we prayed, somebody advertised MTN products and we were about to get into the meeting when the Deputy Registrar in charge of examinations Mr. Mofor Denis Ndasi beckoned on me to meet him on stage. When I met him on stage, he whispered in my ear that I should kindly withdraw for him to come out and we talk. I asked Mr. Mofor if I should wait for him out of the hall he said I should wait for him at the GCE board Office. I had expected this since the delegate wanted to withdraw it and told me who ever had asked him to withdraw the invitation from me.

So I when out, when Mr. Mofor finally came out of the meeting he told me Mr. Muluh you see the invitation we gave you was given to you in error and we tried to get you through the delegate and unfortunately you had travel to Buea and so on and so forth. That is why I asked you to withdraw and wait for me.

One thing beat my imagination. I said what kind of administration is this? These are highly placed administrators; Mr Mofor had been I think a divisional delegate for Secondary Education in Kumbo, now Deputy Registrar of the GCE Board in Charge of Examinations. Mr. Monono had been a sub director in the ministry; he has been a principal, now a registrar of the GCE Board. So at least, these guys know a bit of administration. For Mr. Mofor to be asking me verbally to withdraw when I had a document written asking me to be there from his hierarchy is an aberration, it’s an administrative blunder again because administratively (am not teaching anybody administration here) but I think that administratively a written document can only be nullified by another written document not verbally, instead a verbal agreement can be nullified by a written document. So when these guys are doing just the opposite, it goes to confirm the fact that a majority of Cameroonians are doing just the wrong thing.

Question: It will appear the minister of Secondary education weighed into this problem at one time and parliament even had a look at it, yet it still persists. What is actually going wrong here?

Gideon Muluh: I don’ know whether the minister actually weighed into it because as I am talking with you I have never heard or seen the minister’s decision on this issue. It’s from here that we will officially write to the minister, copying the presidency, copying the Prime ministry, copying human right institutions and so on because it seems to us that some “big man” is a shame, some “big man” somewhere is telling a lie and the truth shall prevail. The minister is misled by his closest collaborators. It even seems to me in all honesty that Mr. Monono Ekema Humphrey is misled even by his closest collaborators. Somebody somewhere probably wants to be the registrar an thinks that he should induced Monono into errors and I blame Monono for not being able to see the first inducement, for not being able to see the second, the third and so on. Then he is not worth being where he is because if you are an administrator of that caliber you should be able to see when somebody is misleading you. His level of education, the top offices that he has held permits him at least to be able to reason beyond his nose and I am ashamed that he is unable to do that.

Question: The suspension was reduced to two years, who reduced this suspension?

Gideon Muluh: I don’t know you are the one telling me this.

Question: What role did Mr. Monono played in the establishment of the Cameroon GCE Board?

Gideon Muluh: You know roles can be positive and negative. Mr. Monono’s role has all been negative. Negative because when we started the fight for the creation of the GCE board you remember how Anglophone parents, CAPTAC in those days fought for the creation of this board because of the mess that was there at the ministry at the time, the department of exams in the ministry. Mr. Monono was principal of BGS Molyko and as principal remember was an appointee of the then ministry of National Education Dr Mbella Mbappe of blessed memory who was stoutly against the creation of the board, so Monono as an appointee of the minister wanted the boss to know that he was an ally in the fight though being an Anglophone Monono sold his Anglophone birth rights by using his influence in Yaoundé to have some 24 teachers transferred from BGS Molyko Buea. The teachers transferred using his influence in Yaoundé some of them were Mrs. Talla Juliana she was English assistant chief examiner, she was transferred to Benakuma, Mr. Tangie Charles he was an economic teacher transferred to Kumbo, Mr. Agbor Tambe Pius, a chemistry teacher transferred to Ekondo Titi, Pa Sama Christopher, he was a mathematics teacher transferred to Nwa and Mr. NKemzie who was a history teacher and Mr. Lukong Michael another chemistry teacher both were sent punitively to Njikwa and so on. Those Monono could not use his connections in Yaoundé abusively to transfer to distant and difficult places, he gave them queries. These teachers he queried for daring to fight for the creation of the GCE board included amongst others, the late Bate Bessong and Tang Phillip. Mr Tang Phillip is presently Vice Principal in GBHS Bamenda. If you like you can meet him if you like whether he was not given a query for fighting alongside TAC for the creation of the GCE board.

In 1994 after the GCE Board was forcefully created, Mr Monono as principal in BGS Molyko Buea again made sure that the GCE was not marked in that school though a government institution, Mr. Monono sealed the gates of that school for the GCE Board which was created against his wish. The GCE was finally marked at GTHS Molyko just opposite BGS and at BHS up Town Buea.  So if somebody, an Anglophone parent does this for the GCE board I think while others were fighting positively for this Anglophone system of education, for this Anglophone identity, this man whom I should rather call a mercenary was fighting negatively for it never to see the light of day.

Question:  But today he is the registrar of the GCE Board which means now he is advocating and working for the success of GCE Board?

Gideon Muluh: Off course he is the registrar and may I tell you that Monono became registrar simply because he is a trickster. He told his minister that the other two successive registrars were wasting money to pay teachers out of station allowances for up to 10 days that he Monono can manage the GCE board and have teachers mark the GCE for five days and that he could cut down the cost of running the GCE Board. That is what made the minister say if somebody can cut down the cost then I should make use of him. Monono was now appointed Registrar of the GCE Board. The first year he was appointed Registrar, Monono cut down the 10 days of out of station that teachers were receiving for marking the GCE to five days and even the 10 days that teachers were given to mark the GCE, no subject could finish marking, well some subjects could, but I think that the subject I mark English language cannot be marked for anything less than 17 days. So even though were receiving 10 days of out of station allowances, we were marking for as many as 17 or even 20 days. So Monono came and reduced them to five days and saw that it was impossible. This was done to please those who appointed him because he had said he could do that. He saw that there was danger coming he moved from five to seven days and then to nine days which means he is already back to where here others were. It means therefore that all what he told his minister that he could do was just to get his way to the board into the board and he had that way. I want to let you understand that the text creating the GCE Board has it that a registrar is supposed to be appointed for three years renewable once, Monono is doing his eight years running which means that Monono is sitting as the Registrar of the GCE Board illegally. This is the point I must stress on he is illegally occupying that seat of registrar of the GCE Board and ought to go away. And I want to think rightly or wrongly that perhaps all the mess that is on now is because somebody wants to finish the mission for which he was sent there before leaving.

Question: But we also see that the revenue of the board has improved and teachers’ allowances are paid on time? Could this not be a plus for the Registrar.

Gideon Muluh: On time, teachers’ allowances? May I tell you that when Monono came in it was the first time teachers were having their out of station allowances only sometime in September and last year I want to tell you that in September they only received half of what they were due and only received the other half I think it was in April of 2015. That has never happened. Out of station allowances are supposed to be paid immediately the work is done, like any other civil servant you go out on mission, you come back they raise a voucher for your claim and you go to the treasury and you have it. Teachers’ own they have to stay for a whole year to receive it.

Question: Do you have an idea of what a Registrar of the Board takes home as pay package?

Gideon Muluh: I know that the first registrar of the GCE Board was Mr. Azong Wara Andrew. He was on a salary of about 300 000 frs a month. I know that Dr. Omer Wei Yembe of blessed memory, the second registrar was on a salary of 525 000 FCFA a month and Mr. Monono is on an exorbitant amount that is far above two million I cannot say with precision how much.

" I will think so, that our suspension has a political undertone. Political undertone because, I, Muluh is a councilor in Santa, I am a deputy mayor in Santa and am doing my second mandate from 2007.  I Muluh is the regional secretary for the SDF for the Northwest therefore am the administrator of the SDF for the Northwest."


Question: With all this injustice done on you and the disgrace it has brought on you and rubbing your name in the mud what are you up to?

Gideon Muluh: Thank you very much. That is an interesting question. As I have said, we are going to use all the avenues.

Because for somebody to falsely accuse us for a crime we never committed is unbelievable. We cannot let it go. Our ego has been tempered with; our persons have been tampered with. Remembered the document publishing the GCE captioned it Examination Malpractices and what is the nature of the examination malpractice “gave unauthorized invitations to examiners for a meal at the residence of the national Chairman of the SDF” Even if we gave invitations this was not an examination malpractice. It cannot be called an examination malpractice and if we gave invitations at all, a thing we did not do, I must stress this; we did not give any invitation to any examiner for a meal. If we did as Monono claims, that is what he signed; he cannot dispute it. Who was supposed to authorize the invitations in the first place? The national Chairman of the SDF was spending his money as a patriotic Cameroonian to feed teachers who were doing work for the nation and then he had to go somewhere to get permission from somebody to spend his money to feed teachers, rather that person was supposed to write a letter of thanks to this man because teachers were marking under horrible conditions. The minister of Secondary Education on the 10th of December when he received parliamentarians said that Fru Ndi should continue to feed the teachers as long as he has the means and that he should even be thanked for that. This was the minister saying it to parliamentarians in Yaoundé. And then Monono sits back say that the invitations were not authorized, to be authorized by whom? by him the registrar and so when he made those false accusations what we intend to do is we will take it to a law court since he has been unable to reason because when he published that decision we sent a letter to him through our lawyer. Our lawyers wrote to Monono on the 11 of September 2014 and the request was “Request to uplift ban on some GCE Examiners” and this is the concluding statement of that later

“This decision of yours which we urge your high office to withdraw forth with has only had the monogamous effect of exhibiting to all its readers the parochial and anti character of the helm of the GCE Board and will end up discrediting everything the Board stands for. While our clients reserve the right to seize the courts for redress in damages, we urge you to withdraw the decision which up to now we are hesitant to it any political undertones. Should you fail to so act we shall without any further correspondence to you seize the appropriate judicial authorities for the appropriate and commensurate redress against your office and your person. The wise decision is yours”

And he has taken his wise decision to do whatever he has done. So the law will be telling us whether we are wrong or whether Monono is wrong.

Question: Are you being victimized because you are from the opposition and Monono is from the CPDM?

Gideon Muluh: I will think so, that our suspension has a political undertone. Political undertone because, I, Muluh is a councilor in Santa, I am a deputy mayor in Santa and am doing my second mandate from 2007. I Muluh is the regional secretary for the SDF for the Northwest therefore am the administrator of the SDF for the Northwest.

The second person, Mr. Werewum Maurice Mbah is the District Chairman for the SDF in Batibo and doubles as a councilor for Batibo. Mr Bangu Thaddeus Mbah is the district treasury for Batibo Electoral District of the SDF and a councilor ofr Batibo Council.

Now these three of us holding these positions in the SDF party will want to think that this has a political undertone because more than 5000 examiners were fed by the National Chairman of the SDF and this practice has been going on for the past 16 years uninterrupted. Mr. Monono singled out the three of us and suspended.

May it interest you, I want to stress on this point that we were for this meal with our immediate hierarchy, I mean I am just an Assistant Chief Examiner. We were for this meal with our chief examiners, we were for this meal with our assessors and I would remember my assessor for O/L English Mr. Ntumbah Aaron, my overall boss was the one who thanked the National Chairman in his house, in his parlour for the meal that he gave to examiners. How then on earth can Monono come to sanction me if I was accompanied to the Fru Ndi’s by my immediate hierarchy? What kind of administration is that? Is he saying that if my immediate hierarchy gave me permission to go somewhere and I went somewhere instead of he coming to ask them why they gave me that permission he comes to sanction me for going. Should I disrespect my hierarchy? I don’t have a direct link with the Board; I talk to the Board through my chief examiner then my chief examiner maybe talk to the Board through the assessor and so on. That is the hierarchy.

Can Monono produce a report that was written by my hierarchy, the chief examiners and the assessors or the chief of centre that I disturbed marking? Can he produce such a report? So on what basses he was thinking that I did so. I am saying this because the car is drifting away from what he wrote to what he wanted to write. He is now saying that we disrupted marking not that we gave invitations. How was the marking disrupted, for how long? Do we mark at 7:30 in the night? Even in marking we have a break between 12 and 1 pm during that time everybody can walk out to anywhere and have his meal. The laws of Cameroon give me the right as a Cameroonian to socialize wherever and with whom ever I want. This is a state of law, I must stress again, we are governed by the constitution of this country and that constitution gives me the right to belong to any political party of my choice. That same constitution gives me the right to socialize when am free. In no circumstances can the internal rules and regulation of an institution become more than the law of the land. The GCE Board is a state institution and the internal rules and regulations of the GCE Board should come out of the constitution of Cameroon. by telling me I am not supposed to go and socialize after work, Monono is like telling me the constitution of Cameroon is wrong because it would have also told me as a teacher that after I finish my classes I have no right to go and socialize with my friends. I don’t think after my classes as a teacher before I go to socialize with my friends I would have to go back to my school and obtain permission from my principal to go and have a drink with my friends. It’s on heard of.

Question: Finally what are you as an individual or as a group including the others who were suspended going to do?

Gideon Muluh: There are two matters here; the matter suspending us in the first place for a ridiculous reason, we have considered that administrative high handedness because administrative procedure for suspending people was not followed. We were never heard, no query was written to us, and we were never reprimanded. We were accused of flaunting a certain EEC decision which was unknown to us. It is only this year that Monono has brought out something he called code of “conduct for examiners” in which there is the foremost article 18, that you have no right to give invitation or what-what-what. All examiners are seeing it this year and if he thinks that we flaunted an EEC decision that was known to us, because this year you have to take that code of conduct thing, then write your name, signed and give it back to the board, can he show us the one that we signed last year and we have disrespected.

Because he marking last year had conditions and none of these conditions were violated by us. So if Mr. Monono can produce to us one of those conditions that we violated last year by going to eat in Fru Ndi’s place if it accompanied our invitation then we are very happy to see it. That one is administrative highhandedness so that case is a different case.

The case where I was invited to Buea and I went to Buea and somebody verbally told me to go back, barred me from marking, that is another case which is coming up. Because Mr. Abongwa, I could be travelling to Buea and I have an accident on the way and died, I don’t think Mr. Mofor Denis could have gone o take care of my family because of his blunders inviting me. It was a risk I took, travelling by vehicle I could die on the way. When I got to Buea the first thing was to hire a hotel for as many days that I was to stay in Buea since I knew we were going to mark the exam for two weeks. I made some financial arrangement before leaving my house and I travel to Buea somebody tells me go back. I mean are we saying that I had money burning on me that I had to be throwing it like that and take note that when he asked me to go back I asked him to show a document from his hierarchy empowering him to ask me to withdraw’. He didn’t show me, I asked to commit himself in writing that he was the one asking me to withdraw he didn’t show me.

And so when I withdrew, I caused a bailiff affidavit report to be written and served on them for asking me to withdraw as evidence that I was in Buea. So my mission to me is still ongoing, it has not been closed by them. This is my mission (displays a copy of the mission order) signed by them, sent out by the delegate and I am waiting for the GCE Board to call me to close this mission and pay me for the number of days I was supposed to mark the GCE because I didn’t refuse to mark, I honoured their invitation and by honouring their invitation means I gave up so many personal activities that I was supposed to carry out during the holiday. I could have decided to travel to America to spend my holidays here for my personal reasons but I did not. I am a mayor, I have state duties which I abandoned in Santa to go to Buea. Why? Because I was going there for this national service that has to do with my profession. Politics is not my profession but teaching is.

And I want to say that this is an exams, I Muluh marked for 24 uninterrupted years. From 1991 I have been marking the GCE non-stop to 2014, 24 years. I have seven more years to go on retirement at my age 53, and the laws has it that when you go on retirement as a teacher you seize from marking. Mr Abongwa let me tell you I am not a desperate person, I am not suffering, do I?. I am living well. I am a civil servant haut eschale as they call it in French and I earn a salary that any top category A2 civil servant in Cameroon earns, I am not suffering and I am a private business man.

So the point I am making here is that I am not desperate to mark the GCE. I am not. What I want to do is to correct an error that somebody is making taking teachers for a ride. Teachers are not babies, these are mature people. You tell me I took 5000 of them, and if I could take 5000 of them to Fru Ndi’s place instead you should know Muluh is not somebody you can joke with, if I could gather 5000 adults and take them to Fru Ndi’s place even against their wish hen Muluh should be a mystical person.

So Mr. Monono should know that if I have marked for 24 years and I have not bought a vehicle from marking the GCE, if I have marked for 24 years and I have elpsnot build a house because I have been marking the GCE, then its not this time that I am nearing retirement that I would build a house or I would buy a vehicle, it’s not this time.  It’s true, the little money we get from marking the GCE helps I don’t deny that fact. But I don’t think that somebody will trample on me and go away with it just because I am desperate to mark. My point here is not because I am desperate to go mark. So long as Monono is the Registrar of the GCE Board, have it from me today, even that decision is withdrawn today am afraid I may not mark under him because I cannot work with those kind of people who don’t have a sense of direction in their administration. Always investigate before you take action. Always listen. When the lawyers wrote to him and asked him and reminded him that it was an error, a right thinking person would have sat back to try to think, where did I go wrong. He goes on trying to exercise his muscles. Its true he believes that he is a CPDM man am afraid, the CPDM as a political party should be very careful with such people. I am not a CPDM but I want to tell who ever cares to listen that Monono is more of a liability than an asset to the CPDM. Monono should not want to be more catholic than the Pope. President Paul Biya would not sanction me; the minister would not sanction me for going to socialize during me free time with anybody of my choice. So Monono should not be doing what even his bosses would not do. Some people better than him had tried to do such things and they are nowhere, some of them are in prison and I think the gates of Kodengui should be waiting for him. If this country is anything to go by, Monono should be investigated. I am calling on the government of Cameroon to investigate Monono stewardship at the head of the GCE Board and they would see so many cockroaches in his cupboard and that is what he is trying to cover up by giving an impression that he is fighting for the CPDM.

Question: We thank you so much for taking this time to talk to us.

Gideon Muluh: The pleasure is mine.

By Abongwa Fozo and Pidvaga Emmanuel

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