Soldier Sentenced 10 Years For Homosexual Assault

The Limbe Magistrate Court has slammed a 10-year sentence on Samuel Ngala, a soldier serving with the Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR) for a homosexual assault on a 17-year-old boy. 

The court in its judgment handed down on November 27 stated that it had found it difficult to find, “mitigating circumstances in favour” of Ngala whom the court judged that his sexual assault on the said 17-year-old had left the victim traumatised, rendered him mad; his penis losing its erectile ability and generally ill. The court further asked Ngala to pay damages to the said 17-year-old’s family amounting to FCFA 1.515 million and cost of the two months trial amounting to FCFA 145,000.

The judgement delivered by Magistrate Theophilus Tatsi, nevertheless, stated that Ngala, who is said to be married and a father of one, had 10 days to appeal against the judgement without which he will have to spend the next 10 years of his life in prison. Ngala had pleaded not guilty to the case filed against him by the parents of the 17-year-old boy, a Form One student in Limbe.

According to Elias Egbe, father of the boy and one of the prosecution witnesses, he was forced to seek redress from the State Counsel when his son came complaining that he was feeling pains in his anus and that his penis had lost its natural power to erect. He said his son disclosed to him that he had been raped via the anus by Ngala on the night of Sunday, July 7. He said Ngala, who lived not far from their home, had become friendly to him and the friendship grew to such a point where the 17-year-old boy used to go and visit Ngala at his residence. 

But on that said July 7, Ngala, who owns a motorcycle, reportedly lured his victim for a stroll to Down Beach and later to a popular drinking spot at Sapper Road, where, the victim testified, Ngala, between 7 pm and 8 pm, bought him a bottle of Booster (alcoholic drink) which he drank. Ngala, however, denied having bought the boy an alcohol drink. He rather said he gave him FCFA 500 to buy a soft drink. It was disclosed that after the drink, Ngala reportedly carried his friend towards Man O War Bay where he allegedly raped him. 

It was when the student, who was afterwards ferried home by Ngala, and later felt like urinating is said to have felt pains in his rectum and being unable to get an erection, complained to his father. The court disclosed that the father sought medical attention from one Dr. Divine Eyong Eta of the Limbe Regional Hospital who examined the boy and later referred him to one Dr. Ojong in Douala. From the evidence presented in court, the medical experts ascertained that the 17-year-old was suffering from a penis failure and problems with the rectum. 

The court further stated that the 17-year-old had been taken to the BIR Training Centre at Man O War where he identified Ngala from a mix of soldiers, as the person who raped him. Ngala was also said to have during investigation by the gendarmerie stated that he had committed the act and even stated that he had, elsewhere where he initially was working, committed similar acts before he was transferred to Limbe. 

According to the court, it was thus based on the trauma caused by Ngala’s act to the victim and the fact that his act has rendered a normal human being to a state of abnormality since July 7 that the court had little or no mercy on him. The court also frowned at the fact that Ngala’s two witnesses, his colleague and wife, had tried to mislead the court by volunteering information as to their knowledge of what happened which was not coherent with what Ngala said.


By Francis Tim Mbom