Security forces molest Dutch tourists

security check point at times a deterent to tourism

security check point at times a deterent to tourism

A letter (which received an electronic copy) has been sent to the minister of Tourism Bello Bouba Maigaira by Zwinkels Tour Cameroon decrying the molestation of some Dutch tourists in the country by police and gendarme officials at a control check point in Bafia last Thursday May 2, 2013.

The letter which was also copied Madame Odette Melono, Cameroon’s ambassador to the Netherlands described how the company with head quarter in Bamenda lost customers due to the unpatriotic act by the overzealous men in uniform.

“what happened today in Bafia on the Yaounde-Bafoussam road with our group of Dutch tourists who have recently cancelled their trips to Cameroon due to the kidnapping of a French family in Waza National Park has cause us to lost several customers” the letter read.

The letter goes ahead to described how the police and Gendarmes delayed their bus for hours and would not give in to telephone intervention from authorities of Zwinkels Tour Cameroon or the Government Delegate to the Bafoussam City Council and went ahead to extort 10 000 FCFA from the bus driver before they were allowed to continue their journey to Bamenda..

The delayed cause the tourists to panic and mistook it for an attempt to kidnap them by militants.

“Of course our tourists were afraid of their actions, because they know the history of the French in Northern Cameroon” the letter explained.

“The police even insisted to take our bus to leave our tourists in danger of Yaounde-Bafoussam highway” the letter further describes the ordeal of the tourists.

The letter ends by stating that the company pay its taxes and patent as laid down by the law and call on the minister to do more to promote tourism in the country.

“Our Dutch tourists were very scared and very annoyed with this act of corrupt Polices and Gendarmes at the expense of the development of tourism in Cameroon. So we ask you to make all your effort to return the 10,000 FCFA to Zwinkels Tours Cameroon and promote better awareness is respect for tourists flowing water in your country”

The Dutch tourists were travelling from Ngaoundere to Bamenda after visiting the Boubandjida National Park.

By Abongwa Fozo