SDF: NEC convened in Bamenda for Saturday

Socialist women march pass on the party anniversary

Socialist women march pass on the party anniversary

The National Executive Council (NEC) of the SDF has been called to conclave next Saturday May 11, 2013 for for an enlarge session that would bring together mayors, MPs, members of the Shadow Cabinet and the Advisory Council, at the Ntarikon residence of the party chairman.

The release signed by Dr. Mrs Tamajong Elizaberth, Secretary General of the party does not carry an agenda, but expected to discuss the last senatorial election in the Northwest where some SDF councillors were accused of selling their votes to the CPDM that won the polls.

Hot on NEC table woul be decamping of three SDF councilors from Bafut, to the CPDM party. the three whose names BamendaOnline got as Tuleba Zacheus, Ngwa Laurence and Tanifum were suspected of voting for the CPDM list during the senate elections on Aprril 14.

The dreaded article 8(2) of the party bylaws is expected to be invoked on these councillors .

By Abongwa Fozo