SDF Calls for Neutral Party to Steer Biya’s Upcoming Dialogue

A roadblock with placards during streets protest decrying Anglophone marginilization 2016

The Social Democratic Front, Cameroon’s leading opposition party has proposed that the upcoming National Inclusive Dialogue called by President Paul Biya be chaired by a neutral party. This is one of several proposals the party gave the Prime Minister to channel to the Head of State following consultative talks on Thursday.

The delegation led by  Hon. Joshua Osih also asked for the dialogue to address the root cause of the Anglophone problem, create openings to discussed the form of the state and for the military not to be part of it amongst others.

The SDF further calls for the government to create an enabling environment for the dialogue to hold by declaring a cease fire and granting a general amnesty to all implicated in the conflict so as to permit all stakeholders to participate. (Find attached the SDF Press release)

President Paul Biya in a rare televised outing on September 10, 2019 announced the convening of a major National dialogue without exclusion as part of the solution to the crisis rocking the Northwest and Southwest regions of the country.

This opened the way for consultative talks chaired by the PM, Dion Ngute ahead of the All Inclusive National Dialogue to hold at the end of this month.