SDF Accuses CPDM Of Hijacking Reunification Celebration

SDF militants in Kumba have begrudged the ruling CPDM party for “hijacking and confiscating” all the logistics for Reunification celebrations in Buea. The militants have been hauling insults at CPDM officials, accusing them of discrimination in the selection of persons receiving the Head of State, Paul Biya.

They claim CPDM militants have hijacked logistics such as the Reunification fabric and free transport for political party sympathisers to Buea. Jean Foupa, an SDF militant, lamented: “CPDM militants have hijacked everything. They have taken all the buses offered to transport people free of charge and we have been given only two pieces of the Reunification fabric as a political party.”

Another SDF militant who spoke on conditions of anonymity, told The Post that a friend of his who belongs to the CPDM hinted to him that things were going to be tough for the SDF delegation leaving Kumba for Buea. The same source claimed the CDPM militant said if the SDF wanted a powerful delegation in Buea from Kumba, it needed to go the extra mile.


The feeling of discrimination, The Post observed, is principally popular in the SDF stronghold of Kumba II Subdivision with militants castigating one another over the participation in the event.
Some SDF, ANDP and UNDP militants told this reporter that it is the right of every political party to benefit from the logistics provided and give the President and his cabinet a befitting welcome.

Meantime, CPDM militants who preferred to not to be named, said the parties are supposed to receive instructions from the CPDM government and not complain about how they are treated.
Joseph Kweita, a CPDM militant stated that, “there is no way the SDF can be claiming it is being discriminated, because, there is a specific quota reserved for every political party that is taking part in the anniversary celebrations.” Kweita said the SDF ranting is meant to frustrate public concentration on having a peaceful celebration.