On the occasion of the end of year 2015 and in thankfulness to God Almighty who in His infinite wisdom has helped us whether the storm so far, I have the honour to address you and salute you all for being there steadfast, committed and hopeful.


The year 2015 has been a very challenging and uneasy year. It had its torments but it was not without hope. As the dark clouds gave us chilling moments, with God on our side, so were there moments of the rays of sun shine and the morning star. And this is why we are here for without hope, man, burdened by despair and hopelessness will cease being who he is created to be, man, created free in the image and likeness of his creator God to multiply and rule the world.


From 2000, the SCNC determined to restore the statehood of British Southern Cameroons identified education of the masses to know who they are and their place in history as the priority of priorities. A people armed with sound knowledge of who they are and who they are not are invulnerable to external aggression: they are overcomers and achievers.


Since 1962 beginning with President Ahmadou Ahidjo’s speech at the UC Congress of Ebolowa at which he declared among other things that;


1. No new constitution was adopted at Foumban.

2. To deceive and mislead the world they amended their constitution and imposed it on us.

3. No federation was formed in Foumban.

4. What took place in Foumban was the absorption of our nation, British Southern Cameroons, into la Republique du Cameroun which he termed the mother country;


The SCNC saw it a bounding duty to expose the diabolic nature of the Yaoundé imperial regime, turn search lights on the truth and remove the scales from our eyes. We salute all compatriots who have been doing the good job. Armed with the incontrovertible truth- historical, cultural, legal, and political we become invulnerable and legitimately assertive.


To disarm us, falsehood, distortion of historical facts, misinformation and misrepresentation at home has been the instrument Yaoundé has used to conquer our minds. Once the mind is conquered subjugation to slave status becomes very easy for the aggressor.


Mental decolonization therefore becomes a logical means of overcoming our subjugation and servitude. This no one can do for us but us. We must in self-consciousness be our own redeemers to attract the necessary support from our friends.



Yaoundé colonial misinformation and distortion has been taken abroad to sabotage our diplomatic efforts. But every evil has its dooms day. No one can counter Yaoundé’s peddled falsehood and propaganda through paid agents and lobbyists in Brussels, Washington, New York, London, Abuja, Addis Ababa, among others, but patriotic Southern Cameroonians who with sound knowledge about their country and their inherent right to a sovereign homeland in conformity with the UN Charter, AU Charter and international law leave no stone unturned.


It is in this light that we salute the new awakening, the nationalistic consciousness in the Common Law Lawyers, the Teachers Union, the Commonwealth Journalists Association and the Natural Rulers, among others, that is tearing down the masque, dismantling the Yaoundé imperial propaganda and exposing la Republique du Cameroun annexation and colonial occupation of a former UN Trust territory in the 21st century.


The General Assembly of the Common Law Lawyers held in Bamenda mid 2015 at which not even the President of the Bar Council of Cameroons, – a Francophone – was admitted let alone given a voice was eloquent defense of the distinct identity of British Southern Cameroons. British Southern Cameroons by international law is not and can never become an integral part of la Republique du Cameroun whose boundaries by the principle of international jurisprudence of uti possedetis juris and critical date became inviolable and immutable on January 1, 1960. The AU Constitutive Act, Art. 4(b) upholds and defends this legal instrument. The right to the existence of nation states in accordance with inherited colonial boundaries is a matter of law and not political propaganda and sloganeering. President Biya’s la Republique du Cameroun may pretend to ignore and run away from the Constructive Dialogue approved by the AU Summit following the African Commission Ruling but it cannot hide from the verdict of the law.


As we call on the Common Law Lawyers to stand firm both in word and deed we assure them the Southern Cameroonian people are solidly behind them for they are not defending self or clique interest but collective interest of a people and posterity. The Common Law and the Anglo-Saxon educational system and heritage constitute the soul of the British Southern Cameroons nation which [a Republique du Cameroun for its prestige and grandeur cannot put to the torch.


As we laud the dynamic efforts of the Common Law Lawyers, we call on them to formally reinstate the Southern Cameroons Bar Council and take necessary steps to affiliate with the Commonwealth Lawyers Association (CLA) and others. In defending our rights and identity we must be aggressive, seek the open space where free men meet freely and help contribute to the building of a better world and greater humanity. The bottle filled with Beaufort in which Yaoundé has forced and believes it has corked British Southern Cameroons in must be shattered so that we are heard and seen in the council of free men of vision and integrity. We are worth far more than the label and tag put on us by Yaoundé.


Equally laudable is the sun shine of hope given the Southern Cameroonian people by our fathers, the Natural Rulers of the South West. Recalling that the existence of the South West as opposed to the North West is la Republique du Cameroun colonial product of divide and rule, we are reminded by our history that in the good old days of British Southern Cameroons all our Natural Rulers, as fathers of the nation, spoke with one voice in the interest of their people and their God-given heritage. At the Mamfe Plebiscite Conference of May 1959, for example, when Fon Achirimbi declared that Nigeria is “Water” and French Cameroun is “FIRE” his prophetic voice was on behalf of all the Natural Rulers. They were one and indivisible for a common good.


While saluting the pace set by our Natural Rulers of the South West we remind all our Natural Rulers of their laudable contribution in the building of the British Southern Cameroons nation with the constitutional creation of the Southern Cameroons House of Chiefs (SCHC) which like the UK House of Lords gave British Southern Cameroons a bicameral legislature. In view of the fact that in unity and solidarity, more is done and effectively too, the enslaved people of Southern Cameroons while pledging their total support appeal to their fathers to jettison la Republique du Cameroun dividing line and from one conference take a firm stand on the restoration of the statehood of British Southern Cameroons. They violate no law, municipal or international by so doing. However it is an established fact that he who obeys and respects decrees and laws that make him a slave is as guilty as he who imposes.


It is a fact of history that Yaoundé at the UN on April 21, 1961 voted against forming a federal union of two equal states with British Southern Cameroons. By voting against they rejected forming the federal union with us. It is we who should question their illegal rule in our country and not them at gun point questioning our right to restoration of our statehood. 


The so-called federation of October 1. 1961 – May 20 1972 was a phantom: it was a unitary system enveloped in federation to deceive the world. UNGA Resolution 1608 of April 21, 1961 was never implemented thus no union in conformity with UN Charter Art. 102 and international norms was formed between British Southern Cameroons and la Republique du Cameroun.


As Senator Nfon V.E. Mukete called on Southern Cameroonians to rise up and speak out in defense of who they are, in defense of their inherent rights, we call on the Teachers Union to understand the language and tactics of Yaoundé. Any lamb that goes to dance with baby lions must know that it will soon be pepper soup for their breakfast. The destruction of our Anglo Saxon educational system is sending a sharp knife through the core of our inherent identity. Education deals with the cultural heritage, core values, vision and principles of life of a people. Assimilation is the instrument by which all these are destroyed to facilitate and concretise annexation. With this attained the people are transformed into play things and footstool of the oppressor. The people simply cease being.


In the face of what is happening in our colleges and higher institutions of learning, the message is clear – our children have no future.


Time has come for us not only to speak out but act in defense of who we are, our rights and who we are not.


Conscious of the fact that the permanent solution lies in de-annexation and restoration of a sovereign independent Southern Cameroons nation we call for unity and solidarity. While we laud the openness, nationalistic conscious awakening from different angles and interest groups, we call for synergy, a common point of convergence for a common solution.


This requires that we see goodness in every genuine effort and support it. In this regard let each and every one of us, for our individual and collective interest and above all for the dignity of our children and national integrity of our fatherland let us all jettison Yaoundé’s imposed NW-SW dichotomy. This does not serve our collective interest. And the greatness of a people is never measured in their division and domination but in national unity, national vision and collective defense.


As stated in last year’s message to the nation, a restored British Southern Cameroons sovereign statehood on a federal basis in which Counties will have direct revenue allocation from the federation account for the development of the land and people, this will serve every Southern Cameroonian far better than the so-called decentralisation or the so-called ten state federation which some ignoring the legal facts preach. Decentralisation is euphemism for annexation, assimilation, domination, uniformity, conformity to annihilate British Southern Cameroons for the prestige and grandeur of la Republique du Cameroun-one and indivisible.


The concept of federation does not exist in the mind set of people nurtured in Napoleonic Constitutionalism and that explains why President Biya has never pronounced the word. But in Buea he acknowledged Buea as the capital of Southern Cameroons. That is victory for the SCNC, victory for the Southern Cameroonian people and right to restoration of their sovereign statehood.



The drive to the restoration of British Southern Cameroons statehood is unstoppable. It is legitimate. It is our legal, political, historical and our cultural right. To do otherwise is to betray who we are, the equals of other free human beings on the African continent and beyond.


While intensifying education, mobilisation and organisation of our people for freedom and progress in a sovereign fatherland the SCNC plans to intensify diplomatic offensive in 2016. La Republique du Cameroun wall is cracking and the sooner it loosens its grips on British Southern Cameroons the safer and better for it. Every human product has its expiration date inherent in its bowels.


We call on all patriotic British Southern Cameroonians both at home and abroad to fasten their belts, reaffirm their commitments to the struggle for the coming year promises greater challenges and more sacrifices. We must double our steps to forestall the greater kicks of la Republique du Cameroun dying horse. Imperialism has no place in this modern age and we can tolerate it no longer.


Dear compatriots, our children need a better future. This Yaoundé has denied them as we their parents were and have been denied.


To hasten our liberation and restoration in freedom and dignity I call on you all to bury the blame syndrome, finger pointing, and the so-called NW/SW dichotomy. What unites us – territory defined in inherited colonial treaties, history, culture, common law, language, world view, among others, are far weightier, tangible and noble than the coloniser’s imposed evil for his prestige and grandeur.


The history of human progress is determined and measured by man’s consciousness and positive action to subdue evil that goodness may bloom and blossom not for self but for the common good. The world is moving forward and not backwards. And the actors are the free men and women.


Only free men and women progress for they occupy centre stage in their lives and in the lives of their respective nations. Occupying centre stage they contribute to human excellence.


Southern Cameroonians do not suffer from dependency-complex that they must forever be subjects of foreign domination and alien rule.


From 1916 to 2016 marks one hundred years since UK recovered the territory she lost to Germany following the Berlin Conference. On recovering this territory which was given birth to as an English Baptist Missionary colony named Victoria, Britain administered it for convenience as part of her colony of Nigeria throughout the League of Nations Mandate and United Nations Trusteeship periods. This was all against the manifest wish of the Southern Cameroonian people.


With botched decolonisation, consequent upon international colonial conspiracy against all principles of international law and legitimate expressed aspirations of the people in 1961 Southern Cameroons was simply abandoned for the annexation and colonial occupation of la Republique du Cameroun.


One hundred years of foreign domination and alien rule of impunities it is high time for us to in unity tell the world and humanity that our cup of patience and endurance has run over. Enough is enough!


Happy and Prosperous New Year 2016

Long Live the Right to Self-Determination

Long Live the Determined Will of the People of British Southern Cameroons to be Masters of their Destiny

Long Live British Southern Cameroons

Done in BUEA, this December 31st 2015.