Reconstruction, the Pathway to Peace In Crisis Hit NWR

A vehicle destroyed as a result of the anglophone crisis

 The population of the Northwest region have been called upon to embrace the reconstruction agenda of The Head of State, President Paul Biya as a way back to peace and normality. Mr.  Paul Tasong, Coordinator of the Presidential Plan for the Reconstruction and Development (PPRD) of the Northwest and Southwest regions was speaking In Bamenda on June 22, 2020 as he addressed administrative, traditional, religious and opinion leaders of the region.

Minister Paul Tasong Coordinator of PPRD
Bamenda City Mayor

 “Reconstruction is a pathway to peace. It will be done gradually from the secured areas to the most affected” Paul Tasong said, adding people “cannot live on assistance for ever”.

He said he was in Bamenda for a week long consultation and awareness campaign. This will involved all stakeholders from the seven divisions of the Northwest region.

Bamenda City Mayor, Paul Achobong  in his welcome speech likened the move from the PPRD as a  silver lining in a dark cloud. He called for “holistic development”. Mr. Achobong cited the Bamenda-Babadjou road and the Municipal Stadium as visible projects that can go a long way to pacify the people of the Northwest region.

The Anglophone crisis that degenerated from a lawyers’ and teachers’ strike in November 2016 has left a big scar on almost every one and the NW region as a whole. Homes, bridges, hospitals, markets, schools, businesses have been burn down, vandalized, closed or looted.  

Minister Tasong’s mission is to creating awareness and sensitized the population of the region on the reconstruction path set forth by government. Its aimed at reaching out to the beneficiaries and other stakeholders in the field, to highlight all the construction activities envisaged,  to outline the process and mechanism for the implementation of the plan, to define the methods of organisation and supports from the various beneficiaries of the plan and also to ensure ownership of the plan by the beneficiaries.

He will during his weeklong stay in the region hold separate meetings with administrative heads, traditional and religious leaders, village development associations and other stake holders.

Paul Tasong was appointed by prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute along side  Njong Donatus as coordinator and deputy respectively on April 3, 2020. Their mission is to spearhead the reconstruction and development of the Northwest and Southwest regions ravaged by closed to four years of fighting. The budget set aside for the reconstruction plan stands at 89.6 billion Francs CFA.

By Bathsheba Everdine