Prophet Ndifor Champions Covid-19 Sensitisation In D’la

Prophet Franklin sharing out items to traders in Douala to fight against Covid-19

Prophet Ndifor Franklin Afanwi, General Overseer of Kingship Ministry and President of the Cameroon National Citizen Movement, CNCM Party over the weekend donated covid-19 items to inhabitants of Douala in a bid to fight against the deadly pandemic rocking the globe.

The philanthropic Prophet Ndifor Frankline carried out the marathon sensitisation campaign for covid-19 at the Mabanda Market, Grand Hangar Market, Rail Market, Two Gendarmerie Station, Police Stations in Douala IV Municipality and the Regional Delegation of Public Health in Douala.

Speaking at each stop, the prophet of God urged the population to make maximum use of basic hygiene, avoid handshakes, stay at home, use facemasks in case of emergency necessitating going out of the house.

Speaking to the press the Prophet Ndifor Frankline said: “the general love for human being is in me, so I came out today so that it should be a positive move to all Cameroonians to emulate. At this given time, all Cameroonians should put their heads together and let’s fight this deadly pandemic threatening lives.

“We should put political differences aside, forget tribal differences and shlef every difference aside and put our heads together and make sure we fight this common enemy which is the disease troubling Cameroon.”

Prophet Ndifor urged Cameroonians to join the government to fight against the deadly coronavirus pandemic virus so they can all enjoy their land back.

Quizzed why the choice of the market, he explained that, the Market is where many people meet so they could easily give out what they have and get to the population without stressing much.

Regarding the sensitisation campaign, the Prophet urged Cameroonians to champion the fight against the Coronavirus at their levels.

He stressed on the elites to put political differences aside, tribal lines, religious differences and collaborate with the government that is bent on stamping out the deadly coronavirus pandemic from Cameroon.

“With all these discriminations put aside, we will be more united in faith, with support from all elites in the Regions coming together, I think this moment of trial, of eradicating the virus will be history.”

Speaking during the sensitisation visit at the Regional Delegation of Public Health, Dr. Ekoum appreciated the timely gesture of the Prophet of God, and promised to use the material to the purpose it is meant to be used for.

He however urged the Prophet of God to continue to save many lives in Cameroon from dying from the virus.

While Rosal Bowa, a beneficiary promised to educate his peers and neighbors on covid-19, she promised to use the donations well.


Source: Knews