Poor Education System Major Cause Of Unemployment In Cameroon -Paul Biya

Students marching pass on 11 February in Bda

Students marching pass on 11 February in Bda

President Paul Biya in his traditional message to the Cameroonian youths on the eve of 11 February has acknowledged the fact that our educational system is one of the major causes of disguise employment and unemployment in the country.

“I am well aware that many of you, whether educated or not, are unemployed. I am well aware that to survive, many of you resort to precarious options that are unrelated to your training or qualification. This situation is in several cases due to the global context as well as our educational system” he said in the 10 minutes speech broadcast simultaneously on state radio and TV.

The president said for long Cameroon has placed more emphasis on making education available to the majority of Cameroonians neglecting the technical aspect. As a solution to this, he proposed that “Our primary, secondary and high schools, universities and professional schools must constantly adapt to the changing world. In our quest for development, we should be guided by the need to train youths who are capable of building our country”

Cameroon he went further to say, should be guided by the need to train youths capable of building a country by focusing on the training of more technicians and engineers and to adapt our primary and secondary schools towards the changing world and for manual labour to be given a prominent place in schools.

Mr. Biya also blamed unfair international trade balance and successive economic and global financial crisis that have adversely affected the economy for slowing down economic growth.

Despite this, he announced that 283 433 jobs were created in both the public and private sectors in 2014 and with a further 350 000 jobs to be created in 2015, something he said was commendable but very far from what he described as“ glorious sustainable recovery that can alone transform our country into an Eldorado”

To address the youth’s impatience, the president urges the Government “to use the existing structures to continue providing vocational training, promoting self-employment and micro-project financing. I also urge every trades chamber, employers’ organization, in short, the private sector, to pull its own weight”

He further pleaded with the youths to exercise moderation in everything they do and to pursue realistic dreams.

“Do not be misled notably by birds of ill omen, dreamers and enthusiasts of virtual calls for destabilization through the social networks. These irresponsible prophets are desperately seeking to manipulate you” he cautioned the youths

To drive his point further into the youth’s psychic, he painted a dark image of conflict torn countries saying “I am certain that the horrific scenes being witnessed in some countries torn by civil war, religious conflicts, population displacements and anarchy will deter you from getting involved in such adventures” calling on them to follow the examples of our soldiers on the war front against Boko Haram as a show of duty, sacrifice and love of fatherland,

But many youths have described his speech as a mockingbird song, one that will be repeated years after years as he tries to consolidate his grip on power.

“The president has always aptly diagnosed our problems but years after years the situation on the ground has remained virtually unchanged” Chinje Augustine a second year student from one of the universities in Bamenda said.

For Jeane Franis Mufua of the Centre For Human Rights and Peace Advocacy (CHRAPA) Bamenda “this is a usual rhetoric meant to please the youths and keep same old wine in new bottles”

“Even if the educational system is changed, the enabling environment is not there, heavy bureaucracy at every government level, old guns clinging to their jobs since the sixties and seventies, others holding three to five top positions in a country with such problems are no good signs” she added.

But to Nche Jonny, a militant of the youth wing of the CPDM who took part in the march pass in Bamenda, this is the first time the highest authority of the land has acknowledge such problems and for him these are indications that it will be tackled soon. Asked whether he is employed he said no and that government cannot employ everybody.

Talking about 350 000 jobs in 2015, tens of thousands of Cameroonian youths recently just completed compiling documents for direct recruitment of 4700 youths into the police force , with a further 4700 to be recruited next year.

If you take into consideration that each of these candidates spend over 30 000 frs to compile for this exam, with not least than 25 000 frs going directly into the state treasury, multiply this by only 15 000 candidates, then you will discover that the government is using this as a means to raise money rather than create employment, a disgruntle parent told Bamenda Online.

Speaking in Bamenda after yesterday’s march pass, Northewest governor Lele L’Afrique was full of praises for the yoyths whom he said had come out with placards and messages of encouragement to the head of state Paul Biya in his fight against unemployment and Boko Haram.

As the president said in his speech on February 10 “At this time next year, we will have the opportunity to take stock of all the jobs created since 2011’ many Cameroonians especially the youths are also anxiously looking to see whether for once things will change in Cameroon to their favour.

By Abongwa Fozo

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