Police to intensify vehicle control nationwide


The Police would intensify vehicle control across the national territory as from Sunday November 10, 2013, with principal focus on the main cities of Douala and Yaoundé.

The Director of Public Safety at the General delegation of National Security, Senior Superintendent of Police David Ngeme Ewu made the declaration last week during a press briefing at the police headquarters in Yaoundé.

The operation he said is a respond to the disorder observed, especially towards this end of year period in the major urban areas of Douala and Yaoundé and that the operation could last well into next year.

The control to be jointly mounted with municipal authorities would include checks on driving license, CEMAC number plates, insurance policies, roadworthiness certificate and the windscreen license amongst others.

 The police, Mr. Ngeme said, have already created enough space to park vehicles that would be impounded in the process.