PMI Nkwen: Stolen baby found alive inside a valise


A two day baby stolen yeterday (22 January) at the Nkwen Medicalized Hospital also known as PMI Nkwen has been found zipped up in a valise at the same maternity ward. According to Dr. Gideon Orock Tanyi Director of the hospital, one Yvette Ateh, a lady who gave birth through caesarean section lost her baby shortly after the operation. She then decided to steal another.

Yvette Ateh told her neighbour in the same maternity ward by name Neh Veronica that she was needed by the midwife in charge. it’s when she left that she took her two day old baby and  placed it inside her baby’s dress box. When Neh returned and could not find her baby, she raised an alarm. Forces of law and order where informed and they started a search for the baby. It was then that another lady said she heard the cries a baby from Yvette valise which was unzipped and the baby found in good health.

But Yvette claimed she had no knowledge of how the baby got into her valise. It took the prompt intervention of the police to prevent her from being lynched. She is now with the police waiting for justice to take its course. Meanwhile Neh Veronica who was placed under medical observation due to the shock was released a short while after with her baby.


By Emmanuel Ndonue