Phoenix FC Bali, Cameroon Prepare for 2013 NW Division II football championship


As Division II Football teams in the NW Region intensify their preparations for next year's Division II Football Championship and the Cup of Cameroon, focus around the Region has so far been generated by NW Division II newcomers, Phoenix FC Bali. This euphoria is created by one fact: Phoenix FC Bali is the only football team in Cameroon that is affiliated with a professional football (soccer) club in the United States of America. The club's main franchise, Phoenix FC which is based in Arizona, USA, begins play in April 2013, as a member of the United Soccer Leagues (USL), a professional football league in the United States of America. At the end of every football season in Cameroon, the best players of Phoenix FC Bali are expected to travel to the United States to play professional soccer with the main franchise, Phoenix FC which is based in Phoenix, Arizona.

Phoenix FC Bali qualified for the NW Regional Division II Football Championship in Cameroon after its brilliant performance in the just ended Mezam Division III Football Championship in Cameroon. In its last game of the tournament, Phoenix FC Bali defeated Ndop Rice FC by 3-2.

"The hope of travelling to the States of America to play professional soccer in the USA has created exceptional excitement among young players through out Cameroon. This is history in the making. I am even receiving calls from Nigeria by players who want to come and play for Phoenix FC Bali. When news of Phoenix FC USA's affiliation with the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT) first came out, nobody believed it. People only started believing us when they started reading information about Phoenix FC and its affiliation in Cameroon on Facebook," said Phoenix FC Bali Head Coach, Julius Fombou alias Kampalla. Coach Kampalla is also a veteran of Cameroon football, having played in some of the best football teams in Cameroon such as PWD Bamenda and Tonnerre Yaounde.

So far, about 150 players from all over Cameroon are training five times a week at the Government School Field in Bali. According to instructions from the head office of Phoenix FC, only 18 players will be retained for the 2013 football season in Cameroon. Phoenix FC USA which has already shipped gear to Phoenix FC Bali. Phoenix FC USA will be responsible for the accommodation as well as all the bonuses of the players that will be retained by Phoenix FC Bali. The gear is expected to arrive just in time for the kick-off of the NW DII Football Championship.


At the end of every football season in Cameroon, a delegation from Phoenix FC USA will travel to Bali, Cameroon to select the best players of Phoenix FC Bali to join the main franchise in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. The Phoenix FC Bali Academy is expected to be launched in Bali, Cameroon soon. This Academy is expected to attract the best young soccer talents from the West African Region. This Academy will prepare players for Phoenix FC USA.

'I want to thank the management of Phoenix FC USA for having chosen Bali, Cameroon to affiliate their first team any where in the world. I am urging all the young players in Cameroon to take advantage of this opportunity and put in their best. Phoenix FC USA is a great organization. It is an opening to the world for the young talents in Bali Nyonga, Cameroon and the entire African continent. Only the best and the most disciplined talents will play for phoenix FC Bali', said Attorney, Sopo Ngwa, President of phoenix FC Bali, Cameroon.


By Ako Emmanuel