Pa Yong’s Estates in Perplexity as Family Tussles over Who Manages What

Partial view of the Campus A, NPB from the Bamenda-Bambui road

Partial view of the Campus A, NPB from the Bamenda-Bambui road

The nature of Late Bobe Yong Francis was laid to rest on February 1, 2014 in his native Kom village. Late Pa Yong died leaving behind an empire such as the National Polytechnic, Progressive Comprehensive High School Bamenda, Comprehensive High School Bambui, Comprehensive High School Anyajua, Yong Football Club, National Polytechnic Football Club, Abakwa FM, CNTV and others.

The issue is that the assets and investments he left behind according to what is said is what is almost tearing the family apart. An atmosphere of uncertainty looms as three of the members of the Board of Directors of his estate were detained but have been released. It is feared the nature of the will that doesn’t specify as to who owns what and or manages what may plunge the family into problems. Lawrencia Nain Yuh according to the will is the administrator of the estates while Yong Charles in vice, Yong Jacque is Secretary, Rose Yong is Financial Secretary while Yuh Michael doubles as treasure in charge of National Polytechnic.

It should be noted that matters came to a head when the two ladies (Lawrencia-Late Pa Yong’s sister cum administrator) and Rose Yong-Late Pa Yong’s wife) summoned a meeting and the communiqué was read over Abakwa FM. Yet the three other members of the Board (Jacque, Michael and Charles) issued a contrary communiqué and it was read over Hot Cocoa and Abakwa. The meeting as we gathered finally took place but there was no consensus. This is so because the men could not allow the women to lord over them. It is even alleged that the crux of the matter lies in the fact that when Lawrencia returned back from the USA recently, she withdrew money to carryout construction project at Polytechnic. This according to the allegations was done with the support of Rose Yong. Allegations abound that the three men protested given that nothing was mentioned in the will in relation to the withdrawal of that amount. It is alleged that even though the three men were arrested, detained and later released on bail, problems still abound. It is even said that suits were filed over the matter. With the tussling, it is feared in Bamenda that this brouhaha could affect the estates. As to whether with these tusslings the salaries of workers will be certain remains another puzzle.

For sometimes now, it is even rumoured that it is thanks to the efforts of Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle that things have remained below the surface. Fears abound that if the crisis continue, the state may likely step in to manage structures like the schools or the tussle may give room for agents of mishap to connive and defraud the estates. However, a news report also revealed that the Kwifon of Kom has summoned the three men to appear before them. It is not yet clear what the Kwifon will say about the matter but hopes are high that the Fon  of Kom will certainly want issues treated in a calm and serene manner.  


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