NW CPDM Leaders Plan to officially Welcome Lele L’Afrique



CPDM Party leaders from across the seven Divisions of the Northwest Region are putting final touches in preparation to officially receive and welcome the new governor of the region, Lele L’Afrique Aldophe.

Politburo member Regina Mundi recently chaired a meeting at the CPDM party hall Bamenda on April 10th with the Goverment delegate Ndumu Nj Vincenti, Central Committee member Fon Doh Ganyonga III, business magnate Tawah Crecy, Martin Ngante regional delegate of ANAFOR and a cross section of section executives from the three wings of the party in attendance to brainstorm.  The meeting looked at a number of issues to present to the governor as the new number one of the region and with municipal and parliamentary elections insight, how to raise funds for the event, entertainment and the kind of gift to be presented.

The date of 27 or the 28th of April was suggested for the planned visit though this date was yet to be confirmed by the regional authorities. Reports from other divisions of the region also indicate that similar meetings are going on.

After years of heavy dominance of the political terrain by the opposition SDF, the CPDM in the North West is slowly and steadily asserting itself. From a single parliamentary seat in the late 90s and early 20s, the party now has 9 of the 20 seats in parliament from the region and boast of 17 run council of the 34 in the North West.

Recently the party saw another boast, with the Mezam  I section of the party broken down into three different sections that is Bamenda 1A, 1B and 1C.

Closing that meeting, Mrs Regina Mundi called on the party members to continue to sacrifice for the growth of the party , the Northwest and Cameroon. She advised  them to put aside personal interest, backstabbing and in-house fighting for it only helps the opposition. Their top priority she continue is to win more souls, more seats in parliament and more councils if they want their communities to develop and to keep the goals of the party alive.


By Abongwa Fozo