No Senatorial Elections Because Electorate Isn’t Qualified – Fru Ndi



SDF National Chairman, John Fru Ndi, has declared that the planned pioneer senatorial elections will only be allowed to hold after the municipal elections.

 He has said senatorial elections holding before council elections will be illegal as the electorate, who are councilors, lack the mandate as their term of office has long expired. Fru Ndi made the declaration at the Kumbo Squares recently at a rally to drum up support for biometric voter registration.

He said during the presentation of New Year’s wishes to the Head of State in Yaounde, he seized the opportunity to present the matter to Biya. “I’ve informed Cameroonians that Mr. Biya is fidgeting and trying to organise senatorial elections, but I’ve drawn his attention to the fact that the mandate of councillors and mayors has expired and he cannot conduct these elections without us sitting down to agree on the modalities, otherwise the elections will not take place,” Fru Ndi said.

He said his trip to the Unity Palace was misinterpreted by the press, which alleged that Biya gave him money. He said if Biya were to give him money, he will not hesitate to take it, declaring that Biya is occupying but his seat in Etoudi. The SDF Chieftain, who was accompanied by some of his close aides, said his message to the people of Bui, regardless of political leaning, was that they should massively register in the biometric voter list.

“We are calling on the militants and Cameroonians in general to get registered with biometric registration because this will help us in many ways. If the people don’t get themselves registered, we will have ourselves to blame. This is because, for us to share council seats, we need to see the electoral registers to know how many people come from each area,” Fru Ndi explained.

He said his party was advocating for a single ballot paper insisting that the ‘river of democracy will not be blocked by anyone’. He assured the Kumbo people, in particular, that even if plans to raise Kumbo into a city council were to materialise, the SDF will still be in control. Fru Ndi said prophets of doom already saw Mayor Donatus Njong as a prisoner with the coming of the state audit control team.

He said he knew Mayor Njong was not a saint but urged him to strive towards sainthood.

 Fru Ndi frowned at the Nso Fon’s decision to join the CPDM saying it was not healthy for a people who are inextricably glued to their tradition. Northwest SDF Regional Chairperson, Hon. Evaristus Njong, called on his militants and party officials in Kumbo to ensure that Mbiame, Noni, Oku and Jakiri are recaptured in the forthcoming elections.

Speaking earlier, Kumbo SDF Electoral District Chairman, John Bosco Mbinkar, said, though the biometric voter registration may not be panacea to election fraud, but, “Today, we will have peace with our ancestors because the biometric process have stopped fake politicians from vandalising their graves and forcing the progress of our land. Now that the dead have been laid to rest, we will not only beat these fake politicians, but will beat them very thoroughly.”

He said Kumbo has already registered 20,000 of the 33,000 voter target set by ELECAM. He lauded the cooperation and collaboration he has received from the party hierarchy, structures and personalities, describing Mayor Njong and Hon. Dr. Joseph Banadzem as his bulldozer and grader, respectively.

By Nform Willibroad B. N

Source The Post