Ngaoundal Lamido Communes With Fru Ndi, Fons

The Lamido of Ngaoundal at a prayer session

The Lamido of Ngaoundal at a prayer session

 The Lamido of Ngaoundal, Njerem Division in Adamawa Region, Mohamadou Abubakar, paid a two-day visit to the SDF National Chairman, John Fru Ndi in Bamenda. The Lamido, in his maiden visit to this chief town of the Northwest Region, spent the last weekend at the Ntarinkon residence of his host.

Welcoming the Lamido, Fru Ndi said the visit was strictly  apolitical, justifying why he invited more than 15 Northwest Fons, almost all of them of the ruling CPDM  to come and share their experiences with their colleague from Adamawa. He told the Fons that when the Lamido informed him, at short notice, that he was coming to Bamenda, he was left with no option than to invite his fathers to come and commune with him.

Lamido Mohamadou Abubakar, in response, said the world is a global village and that he is simply paying back because Fru Ndi has made uncountable trips to his palace in Adamawa whenever he is on political campaigns. He said he has discovered that Fru Ndi is so attached to tradition and he has reserved a traditional title for him to be handed in no distant future. He added that the title would be conferred to Fru Ndi in Adamawa. Promising Northwest Fons that he stands by them, the Lamido gave them an open invitation to visit him any time.

Fon Abumbi of Bafut and Fon Martin Forbuzie, in separate speeches, thanked Fru Ndi for what they described as the unbreakable bridge that now links them with the Lamido of Ngaoundal. To them, this will go a long way to strengthen social integration and communal spirit between the two people.

“Be sure that you will be invited to our annual traditional dance in December,” Fon Forbuzie said, adding that Fru Ndi, as a politician, has played his role of uniting people as seen in the visit of the Lamido. The Fons decorated the Lamido with the famous Northwest traditional regalia.



By Chris Mbunwe

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