New Year speech 2016 CRP –Party Leader, FOLIGAR LANG


Foligar Lang Presidet of CRP

Foligar Lang Presidet of CRP


 Fellow Cameroonians  

Dear Friends                    


The New Year of 2016 is about to begin.

This will be a year all Cameroonians sees the world and the world sees Cameroonians


Now, as we reflect on the outgoing year I would like to sincerely thank you for your unity and solidarity, for your innermost truthfulness, honour, justice and responsibility for the fate of your country, for your invariable readiness to struggle for Cameroon’s interests, to be with it both in days of triumph and in times of trial, and that you will continue to strive for the implementation of our bravest and grandest of plans for 2016 and up till the general elections.


We have seen how Biya’s new deal Government is going older without a beginning and without serving any purpose but have only sounded bells and alarms bringing about,




Aggression and molestation

, not forgetting deprivation of liberty, human right abuses, division, tribalism, nepotism and favouritism. These we have seen had been LES GRANDES AMBITIONS new deal package for you.


It’s now crystal clear that Biya has failed this Nation for close to 34 years. We now live in a society of molestation and inequality. Joblessness has tripled and we still continue to witness mass evacuation of citizens who supposed to be behind the growth of this fruitful nation but are now fleeing from the nation and scattered worldwide in search of Good health happiness and freedom.


It’s a pity that a genuine and blessed Cameroon has been hijacked for 34 years and hitherto. 2015 has being one of the most valiant of these years in literature considering the fact that loopholes were left for terrorist organization to be apparent.

Terrorism in Cameroon has appeared due to lack of good governance. Our borders are not well secured, our security officials are geared towards presidential security and lucrative jurisdictions of eminent bribery instead of territorial security and integrity.


We have witnessed Boko haram intensifying its cross border aggression in our region; we deeply sympathized with families affected by the action of this evil group. We again call on all Cameroonians to be alert and be ready to work with patriotic security forces of law and order in order to stamp out these elements in our territory.

We wish that our army become aware that their duties are to protect the territory and integrity of the Republic not to particularize all their military might in the presidency.

 As far as the CRP is concerned Boko Haram has no duelling place in any part of Cameroon and the world at large and the CPD M needs to understand that bad Governance attracts terrorism.


They have been a marked increase in death and infant mortality levels throughout the year, corrupt state agents are the major reason for the decay in our public sector. The so called new deal government has adopted and insisted on its damping idea of “No bribe no health policy”. With the acronyms “Zero Choko Zero soigné”. The Principal causes of high death were due to Road accidents and motorway robbery, Water born disease,  Parasitic malaria and dilapidation of medical facilities and no emergency system.

Fellow Cameroonians, Bear with me that the CPDM promises are unachievable therefore I pledge that in 2016 I will continue to work hardest on your  behalf and also on behalf of the un-opportune many and those in need trapped under the crushing jaws of the RDPC/CPDM regime.

What we will like to see in place in 2016 is an Independent Electoral Commission. We should not afford to be without it and I call on Cameroonians weather young or old, within or outside the country to join in for the struggle of a brand new Independent Electoral Body, we will have to use all means and any possible peaceful Media, be it Online or Offline nor Social or Interactive Media. We need an independent electoral body.

If you will permit me I will suggest an international conference be held in London. LE CAMEROUN 2016


In the conference this will be my first question to the President,

Mr. Biya, if you cannot deliver a workable, sustainable and fulfilling system from 1982 to 2015 is it in 2016 and upward that you are going to deliver?

Warning: Biya and his CPDM has no right to influence death and life in Cameroon


To the Prime Minister

Mr Yang Do you know that the public sector is decaying and that there have been more people in need during 2015 and may be more in 2016 than they were in the  1970s and 1980s?


To the CPDM/RDPC Regime

 In Cameroon it’s the present that is getting worst than the past? True or False


The Lack of patriotism, No trust, Corruption and bad governance is seriously affecting our youths

Cameroon can be in a happy position but it’s not in a healthy position.

We find it a necessity to normalized the lives of Cameroonians from 2016 ONWARD


The world is changing and these changes challenge us all the time, sometimes quite fiercely. That is why we must constantly ask ourselves new questions, and I have established these.


What will the redistribution of power lead to?

 Who will have enough food and water?

 Where will we find raw materials in the future?

 How can we alleviate human suffering and resolve conflicts?

The tragedy of  Boko Haram continues and there is distress in all over the country, yet we must not let ourselves become numb and merely observe the fact.


We want to see more youth participation in politics in 2016 for strong economies are built by the power of the youths. Let’s all try and understand  that Corrupt state agents is the major reason for the decay in our public sector in Cameroon and the nature of ignorance Greed, materialization and wealth amassment, Favouritism not forgetting Incompetent position holders due to friendly or tribal ties and compensations.

We now need to strive for a better WILL of the nation than the of the Government


 The New Year is knocking at our doors, It is time to let it in and say words of kindness to our near and dear ones .It’s Time to thank them for their understanding and reliability for their Patience and care. The more kindness and love there is around the more confident and powerful we become, which means we will definitely be successful.


Happy 2016 to you!

May the People of Cameroon be eternal,

Long live The Cameroon Reformation Party

Foligar Lang”

25 December 2015