NEC condemns NOWEFU ecumenical service for peace, described it as CPDM campaign

The National Executive Council (NEC) of the SDF, has condemn in very strong terms the recently organized ecumenical service for peace in Bamenda by the Northwest Fons’ Union (NOWEFU), describing it as a campaign event for the CPDM  during its enlarged meeting of Saturday August  24, 2013 in Bamenda.

“The fact that the Northwest Fons, the organizers of the service continued immediately after the service, with their motions of support to Mr. Biya, and with their diabolic acts of intimidation, witchcraft and the abusive use of traditional institutions to deter the SDF Militants from exercising their constitutionally guaranteed political rights” read the official statement released by the party after the NEC conclave refereeing to the August 9 ecumenical service for peace at the Bamenda Congress Hall

The resolution goes further to condemn the verdict of the Supreme Court sitting in for the Constitutional Council in matters relating to electoral litigation brought before it by opposition parties describing it as” failing to guarantee that peace reigns before, during and after the elections”

Some Elecam field staff came under attack too, for their altitudes described to be bias towards the CPDM, which show high level of incompetence, and moral weakness. The NEC resolution attributed this to partisan and hasty recruitment and the absence of training and laid down job description.

NEC further condemned the selective interpretation of the electoral code regarding party membership, gender and sociological considerations to favour the CPDM, citing the Example of Douala II and Tiko where the Supreme Court reinstated CPDM lists despite its failure to meet the legal requirement, the recent punitive transfer of civil servants considered by the regime as a stumbling block to the rigging machinery of the CPDM in some parts of the country.

The resolution also reminded Elecam to respect the electoral law not to install polling stations in military barracks and palaces and insisted that those in unauthorized premises be removed immediately.

NEC expressed it profound sympathy with victims of the fire disaster at the Marche B in Bafoussam, and praised the party’s chairman for his prompt visit to the site and sympathizing with the victims.

On the international scene, the SDF noted with satisfaction the transparent election in Mali that bought to power Ibrahim Boubacar keita and called on Elecam to follow the Mali example and use the single ballot paper and indelible ink.

The resolution however did not spell out any course of action if Elecam and government failed to sit up except that it warned “of the possible consequences of SDF militants’ reactions”

By Abongwa Fozo


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