MPs Urge Criminal Court To Prosecute Franck Biya




Some Members of Parliament, led by Hon. Jean Michel Nintcheu of the Wouri constituency, want President Biya’s son, Franck, to face the law, for allegedly pocketing FCFA 100 billion of State funds. Hon Nintcheu brought the Franck Biya affair to fore during the closing plenary of the just ended budgetary session at the National Assembly on Tuesday, December 11.

While questioning the Minister of Justice, Laurent Esso, on the matter, he said the Special Criminal Court ought to have begun prosecuting Franck Biya. The MP asked the Minister why the court has not begun judicial inquiries on the Franck Biya affair. Hon Nintcheu also condemned what he said was the opaque management of public finances in Cameroon.

While reacting to the MP’s concern, the Minister of Justice and Keeper of the Seals said the courts in Cameroon are independent and cannot be subjected to any control by parliament. He told the MP that judicial inquires are independent, urging him to give the courts a free hand to do their work. He told the MP that the sources that informed him about the matter will equally inform the competent authorities when judicial inquiries begin.

The MP for the Momo Constituency, in the Northwest Region, Hon Joseph Mbah Ndam, equally asked the Minister why some people facing trial in the Special Criminal Court have not been liberated after they have paid back the money that they were accused of having embezzled.

 After giving some explanations on elements of procedural law, the Minister invited Hon. Mbah Ndam to come to his office for further explanations, given that he (Mbah Ndam) is a lawyer by training.

Presidency Budget Not Subject To Scrutiny

 Meanwhile, Members of the Finance Committee caused a stir in parliament when they questioned certain aspects of the “sovereign budget” that is usually adopted without scrutiny. The sovereign budget is the allocation to the Presidency of the Republic and its attached services.

During the Commission’s meeting, MPs turned the heat on the Minister of Finance, Alamine Ousmane Mey, telling him to bring the Delegate General of National Security, Martin Mbarga Nguele, and the Minister Delegate of the Republic in charge of Supreme State Control, Henri Eyebe Ayissi, to defend the budgetary allocations.

Reacting to this, the Finance Minster said the budgetary projections of these services that are attached to the Presidency of the Republic are not subject to scrutiny, following a gentleman’s agreement between the Government and the National Assembly.

By virtue of such an agreement, Minister Ousmane Mey said, the budgetary allocations of the Presidency, the Prime Minster’s office, the Delegate General of National Security and the Supreme State Control are not scrutinised before adoption in parliament. But the MPs are now arguing that the budgetary allocations of such services must go through scrutiny because the tax payers’ money should be properly accounted for.

By Yerima Kini Nsom

Source: Cameroon post

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