Moghamo Express Launches VIP Bus Terminal

cutting of the ribbon by the Governor with the D.O for Bamenda II in extreme left

Bamenda's leading transport Agency, Moghamo Express has launched a new bus terminal at Sonac Street, bringing to two the number of bus agencies operated by the transporter in town. The new bus terminal, known as Moghamo VIP Express officially launched its services on Tuesday May 30, 2017 at a ceremony in the ultra-modern facility presided over by Joseph Nji, the Economic Adviser at the Governor’s office.

The governor’s representative used the occasion to call on others to copy such examples to push the economy of the Northwest region to become a leading development hub in the country.  Nji Joseph praised the role Moghamo Express play in the economy of the region and the country through the employment of hundred of Cameroonians, the transportation services rendered to Cameroonians of all works of life and the vital role it plays in promoting the tourism sector and regularly pays its taxes assisting government accomplish its goals

Doh Rosemary, General manager of the corporation was unable to hide her emotions as she said the new edifice housing the VIP section and Headquarter of the Agency is an indication of the strides Moghamo Express has taken since its humble beginning from a makeshift plank office at the Hospital Roundabout.

Moghamo VIP situated adjacent the St Agnes Nursery and  Primary School opposite the Emmi/Immigration Police at Sonac Street is divided into four sections, made up of a hotel of 40 rooms, a restaurant, a customer service with counters, a mails service and luggage section, and a waiting room for travelling passengers. It’s also equipped with modern toilet facilities and large screens with cable TV for waiting passengers.

Mrs. Doh Rosemary said the coming of the new bus terminal does not mean the old terminal at the Hospital Roundabout would be closed. She said the new terminal as the old would handle regular passengers and the VIP passengers. She said the agency’s internal ticketing system has been synchronized in such a way that a passenger from the Hospital Roundabout wishing to travel by VIP at  Sonac street or vice versa would not need to travel across town to book, but can do so in which ever agency and their internal transfer system would sort it out.

Moghamo Express owned by Doh Wilfred has in recent years challenged the hegemony held for long  by the Likes of Gurantee and Amour Mezam Express to become one of the biggest and most modern travel agency in Cameroon, with very comfortable , modern buses and a safety record that beats all in the region.

A Partial view of the Bus Stop

cutting of the ribbon

workers of Moghamo pose for picture with the Governor

Nji Joseph inspecting the facilities at The Sonac Street Terminal

By Abongwa Fozo in Bamenda

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