Mezam SDO orders predawn raid on Njong

Women with placards demanding the release of their fon

Women with placards demanding the release of their fon

Atleast 15 youths from Njong village were whisked off from bed early Thursday May 30, 2013 morning by element of the Rapid intervention Battalion (BIR) following the orders of Nguelle Nguelle Felix, Senior Divisional Officer for Mezam for their part played in a recent attack on Bamock Village in the month of April 2013 that led to destruction of properties.

Residents of Njong said the raid by the BIRs in two military truck happened between 3 and 5 pm on Thursday as they were still deep asleep. They men in uniform forced their way into suspected compounds where they picked up any youth they come across between the ages of 17 and 35, leaving the women, girls and men behind.

Hours after, women and men from Njong village that were spared in the raid stormed the office of the D.O Santa, demanding to know why their kids were out of a sudden picked up without any reason.

Diyen Jam Lawrence D.O for Santa said the predawn raid was on the instruction of hierarchy and could not comment on it.

It took the intervention of SDF chairman Ni John Fru Ndi to soften the stance of the weeping mothers. He asked the people to choose their leaders to accompany him to the SDO to find out more about their children’s plight.

The fon of Njong and three of his notables were previously arrested on May 3rd and detained for close to a week before being release after the population of Njong stormed the SDO’s office and the High Court in Bamenda on May 8, 2013.

Mezam SDO is determined to use a strong hand in the Njong –Bamock crisis to act as a deterrent to any village in Mezam using its share weight to suppress smaller villages. He made it clear that for any crime they must be a culprit, even if it’s a scapegoat.

Destruction of property in Bamock after the eruption of the recent crisis is estimated to run in millions.

The arrested youths have been transferred to pretrial detention at the Bamenda central prison.


By Abongwa Fozo