Mezam SDO initiates moves to find the missing fon of Baligham

May 22, 2012

Marche Njouonwet Joseph Bertrand, Senior Divisional Officer (SDO) for Mezam, accompanied by the D.O of Santa, Diyen Jam Lawrence are expected in Baligham, Santa Subdivision on Tuesday, May 29, 2012 for consultative talks with the kingmakers in view of designating a new fon of this 2nd class chiefdom.

His majesty M.S.T Galabe II went missing on April 25, 2012 after 54 years on the throne. Elvis Samkit Galabe was found to replace him by some kingmakers, in a move that is highly contested by a majority of the villagers.

“Elvis is not our fon and I will never recognize or pay allegiance to him as such” a furious native of Baligham said, opting for anonymity, in a village that was subjected to a reign of tyranny by the said Elvis during his father’s reign.

When I meet Elvis at the Baligham Fon’s palace last week with a group of friends, he was full of himself.  Dressed like the Gah, he confessed to us that he is aware that he was once a radical, but as the new Gah he has put his pass behind him. He proudly hinted to us how his reign would be like “I am the father of the Baligham people and would not be found middling in politics because this would antagonize my people” said the former YCPDM president.

But his reign may be short live. A statement from the office of the SDO signed on May 16, clearly states that the new fon would be chosen in “conformity with the regulation in force” an indication that the process that brought him to the throne was flawed with irregularities and is void.

Elvis Samkit G could still be crowned Fon, if the right procedures are followed and the kingmakers all give their consent, a palace insider confided to me.

For now all is still blank as what may come out of these consultative talks.

By Ngam Eustace In Baligham




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