Mbayow Anna Nkembe: Menchum’s Woman of Substance


Mrs Mbayow Anna Nkembe

By her profession, Mrs. Asah Mbayow Anna Nkembe may appear far off from the society but when you go closer to her you would find a kind hearted, Warm, devoted and welcoming lady highly dedicated to her work, family and society. Her rise to where she is today portrays an example of hard work, determination, a huge appetite to succeed and a drive for perfection worthy to be mimic.


Married for 23 years today, Mrs. Asah Mbayow has been court Registrar for 24 years and has risen through the rank and file of the profession, often climbing the professional ladder after another feat achieved studying at home. A lover of natural beauty Mrs. Asah enjoys listening to music and watching movies. She dislike wastefulness and laziness, vices that have helped her to perfect her virtues.

Recently she spoke to a batch or reporters and Journalist from Yaoundé and Bamenda at her modest residence at the Entrance to Wum town. It was with a broad and welcoming smile that she responded to our questions. Here are some excerpts followed by the audio interview in its entirety.

Journalist: Can you give us a brief presentation of your self?

Asah M. A. N: Yes, I am madame Asah Anna, my maiden name is Mbayow Anna Nkambe. I am the Chief Registrar of the Menchum High Court. I hail from Beba in theMenchumValleySubdivision in Menchum Division. I am married to the Hon. Asah Barnabas with children. I am 46 years old


Journalist: Your Academic profile?


Asah M. A. N: I have a first degree in English Private Law from theuniversity of Dschang

Journalist: Where have you worked before?


Asah M. A. N:  In fact I can say am a real grass root person because I started work very young at the age of 18, I started as a category “C” worker, I got married  as an O/L holder and all the academic achievements I made is inside my marital home and thanks to my husband for his patience for his advice and everything  because without him I couldn’t have made it


Journalist: What motivated you to become a Court Registrar when they are so many     professions out there?


Asah M. A. N: Hmmm Well, at that time at around 1986 I wrote many “concours” and it  happened that this is the one I passed and I think it is just God’s will for  my life.


Journalist: Do you enjoy your job?


Asah M. A. N: I enjoy it so marvelously because there is no time I even doubted whether                     I could change my profession no matter how slowly I have taken toprogress inside the profession. I am still very happy and comfortable withthis profession


Journalist: And Like a woman do you face challenges in the profession because of    your sex?


Asah M. A. N:  I do face challenges but not because of my sex. Because generally in the  judiciary a woman is consider as a man and that is why if you see a lady  magistrate, they would always refer to her as “sir” the same for a female registrar So there is no sex discrimination in the judiciary.

The difficulties I have are that of carrying out my duty as a Court Registrar with the public especially with the female folk and especially in the direction of succession issues. Sex issues also came into play where people feel that the female sex can not succeed particularly in Menchum Division where I practice. This renders my work so difficult because succession in Menchum is both matrilineal and biological

Journalist: What advice can you give to other women who may want to become like  you today?


Asah M. A. N:  well the only thing I can tell others who want to become Court registrars is that they should be hard working and consistent in what ever they do. Because most of the time when they try once or twice they give up.  I would tell them that they should never give up.

Journalist: How do you reconcile the role of house wife and civil servant?


Asah M. A. N: I think the secret lies with an understanding husband like the one I have.  The next secret is to manage your time well and do it perfectly so that when ever you preempt certain actions, you take precautions before hand. If you have to meet the public, attend meetings, go to the office all you  have to do is plan your work at home and see that it fits in with yourprogramme of activities.


Journalist:      You are also church leader. Do you think that your religion affects your job?


Asah M. A. N: I would say no. I am very active in church; I have been the Parish Finance Committee chairperson for two years until two weeks ago that I decided to Withdraw for some personal reasons. For other church activities like giving talks, religious talks I am always available. I am also a pupil CWA member. I think you can’t take away my religion from my other life activities because that is where I draw my strength.


Journalist:  Beside these, what else do you do?


Asah M. A. N: