Mayor Hands over – Leaves 399frs in – Over 33million in debts

Daniel Mukondo and John Kona Makia, newly elected mayors for Tiko and Kumba III councils in the Fako and Meme divisions of the South West Regions respectively, took over councils with virtually empty coffers and huge debts.

Makia’s Kumba III councils, the Journal learned, took over a total sum of 399 (three hundred, ninety-ninety) FCFA in its treasury against a whooping debt of over 33million. Responding to the situation, Makia said the debt situation in his council will have to be tackled based on priority and availability of funds.

He took over the council from CPDM’s Samuel Ndeme, who he surprisingly returned in office as First Technical Adviser to the Kumba II council.

With the debts hanging over the council’s neck, critics have been quick to criticize the Mayor’s choice of a First technical advisor. They wonder how Makia would expect someone who could not raise up to five hundred thousand francs from the whole Kumba II municipality, and who put the council in such debt, to provide advice that should move the council forward- a council he managed for more than five years.

In the Tiko council, residences of the municipality have awakened to the reality that the CPDM’s Tita Fombon’s struggle for re-election was not necessarily because he had projects or a vision for the municipality, rather, because he was driven by the determination to conceal the failures of his administration.

He handed over 2millionCFAF to the new mayor in a BICEC Bank account, but also left behind a pile of bank charges from SCB bank. The council has dysfunctional computers, grounded vehicles and furniture less offices.

According to the new Mayor, Daniel Mukondo, the failures of the outgoing Mayor cut across his management of office buildings to the Tiko market. The mayor constructed a new council hall, but the hall is said to be too small to host council meetings, such that council meetings still hold in the old building. Besides, the offices of the Mayor and the Secretary General have no toilets and no technical services.

The outgoing Mayor is also criticized for not providing electricity and running water for the new market. He is alleged to have been allocating sheds in the market only to people who could afford to pay 400. 000CFAF, after the old sheds got burnt in the latest fire incident.

Pamela Nkwen-Tamu, SG of the Tiko council says the former Mayor sidelined all of them and handled the market issues single handedly without being accountable to anybody. “We do not know how the revenue was collected,” she says.

The new Mayor is calling on every member of the Tiko council staff to come up with a plan of action. He has also announced that the council will set up a well-defined  strategy for collecting revenue in the Mutengene and Likomba markets. Tiko Town Market, Misselele and Mudeka markets, as well as the Tiko Wharf.

Mukondo will be serving as Mayor for the second time. He was first made Mayor of the Tiko Council in 2000 after the SDF sacked Fritz Matute Musima for mismanagement and misappropriation of council funds. The CPDM took it over in 2002.

Cameroon Journal