Marafa, Abah Abah, Fotso Transferred To National Gendarmerie


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Friday, May 25, 2012: Top Gendarme officials get to the Kondengui Prison and enter the Superintendent’s office.

Meantime, platoons of gendarmes are waiting outside the prison. Their goal: to spirit the threesome: Marafa, Abah Abah, Fotso, out of the prison to some “safer haven” They then concert with the prison Superintendent on what ruse to apply, notably to tell them they are wanted by the latter in his office.

The threesome present themselves to the Superintendent in slippers, not knowing that they would never see the inside of the jail house again. As soon as they set foot in the Superintendent’s office, their jailors are given instructions to padlock the gate leading to the inner jowls of the jailhouse.


In the Superintendent’s office, they are informed, much to their dismay that they are to follow “these men” to the National Gendarmerie Headquarters. Their clothes are brought and searched before being handed to them.


Marafa and Abah Abah receive the news with “apparent” equanimity and rise to follow their new jailors. Yves Michel Fotso vociferates and tries to resist and is bundled manu military into a waiting van. Sartuday, May 26, 2012: Family members of the threesome, turn up at the jailhouse to collect their belongings.


By Yerima Kini Nsom