MAKE MAMA VISIBLE, an honorary walk race to bring aging mothers in the rural villages of Cameroon to the spotlight as athletes and entertainers – Only 20 participants needed for this maiden edition.

On Saturday, August 4th women age 75 and above shall take part in a Fast Walk Race in Bafanji village, Northwest Region of Cameroon.

The idea of this public walk is to create space for aged mama to become visible; change the sport dynamics allowing possibilities for age people to entertain the young and vice versa and as well as to make age mothers living in the rural regions to feel honored, confident in themselves and not to think their age is a barrier to be happy.

At least, if there is anything the society should do for age mothers – is to love, support, and honour them. Recognizing their unconditional love, affection and guidance they are always showing to their children, great and grandchildren in spite of their age.

It is also good to note that at their age, they are supposed to already be having good time with their grand and great grandchildren. Unfortunately, nature has forced many of these aged mamas to become breadwinners to their orphan great and grandchildren, widow daughters and widower sons. Many of them have seen their daughters die due to complications related to pregnancy and childbirth, HIV, war and violence.

Some even live in alienation, poverty and disease.

The project calls on the world to dedicate an hour out of the 8784 hours in a year for an honorary walk to Make Mama Visible.