Late Pa Yong’s Family in Disarray



The Late Bobe Yong Francis

The Late Bobe Yong Francis

Three members of the Board of Directors of Late Pa Bobe Yong’s estate are currently in police detention at the Judicial Police in Bamenda. 

The three family members (names withheld) who are purportedly Board Members of Late Pa Yong’s estates were allegedly arrested on instruction of the state counsel. It is even alleged that three weeks ago, Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle was in Bamenda where he reconciled the family yet another wrangling has resurfaced.

Allegations abound that for the past six months the family has been in disarray yet it has never escalidated to this level. When this reporter visited the Bamenda Judicial Police today (July 17) morning at about 8am, the two of the three in detention were spotted behind the counter. ( Details of the wrangling coming soon)