Kah Walla Reacts To The Post Publication

Edith Kah Walla calling on English speaking Cameroonians to stand by their leaders

Clarification on the front-page article of The Post Newspaper of August 19, 2019

It has been brought to the attention of the Cameroon People’s Party that the front page of The Post newspaper of August 19,2019 carries a statement purporting to be from the Chair of the Cameroon People’s Party.

I, Edith Kahbang Walla, am the National President of the Cameroon People’s Party and I wish to clarify the following:

1) I have not made any statement to The Post newspaper within the past six months.

2) I would never, even in my wildest dreams, ask Biya’s regime to crush anyone, let alone a citizen of Cameroon.

3) Consistent with my personal stand and the stand of our party, the CPP, I believe in non-violence and dialogue as the way to resolve our crises.

Please note:
1) Our communication campaign of the last few weeks which has specifically called for:
· An end to the Biya Regime and the beginning of a Political Transition for Cameroon
· The Biya Regime to take responsibility for the deaths in the North West and South West regions

has disturbed the government and its allies. One of those allies is a man by the name of Samuel Tita Fon. He conspired with the current Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji to attempt to confuse the very clear message of the Cameroon People’s Party since before the presidential elections in October 2018.

He is at it once again, purporting to be the Chair of the CPP. He made this statement to The Post newspaper which is consistent with his prior statements.

2) CPP and SUFC are among the few groups standing and outside prison that fight for Anglophone rights and that fight this Regime. We will be attacked from all directions. Remain calm, inform yourself and stand firm on our principles, values and objectives which remain unchanged.

3) The stance of the Cameroon People’s Party has remained the same since 2014.

· The CPP stands for an end to the Biya Regime and the beginning of a Political Transition that will enable us to dialogue about the fundamental issues facing Cameroon and define a new future for ourselves.
· The CPP stands for Anglophone rights which we maintain cannot be obtained under the Biya Regime hence our stand for an end to the Regime and a redefinition of our identity as a nation as well as the form of our state
· The CPP stands for non-violence as a means to attain the above objectives. We hold the Biya Regime entirely responsible for the violence that has claimed so many lives and wreaked havoc in the North West and South West regions. We, however, do not agree with the taking up of arms to fight this Regime, due to the fact that it has increased the suffering and pain suffered by the Anglophone population.
· The CPP continues as it has done since 2011 under my leadership, to fight without violence and with extreme determination to free Cameroon of stranglehold of the Biya Regime and enable our country rebuild itself from the foundation up.

We will continue to do so until that objective is achieved.

Have a wonderful week. Every single day, Stand Up For Cameroon!!

Edith Kahbang Walla