Judicial Police Dismantles Gang Specialized In Cars Theft


Douala economic and crime hub of Cameroon

Douala economic and crime hub of Cameroon

The anti-gang unit of the Judicial Police in Douala has dismantled a three-member gang specialised in the theft of AVENSIS cars. 

  The three suspects were arrested after repeated complaints from the populations of the theft of their AVENSIS cars. The three suspects, Aboubakar Adamou alias Bouba; Baba Ibrahim alias Aminou and Basile Tidje alias Bachirou were arrested on the night of Sunday, March 31, breaking Monday, April 1.


On the night of January 20 to 21, 2013, the three armed bandits attacked a certain Sebastien Kamgaing at his residence at Makepe, looting his AVENSIS car, cell phones and money. The same gang equally attacked a certain Marc Ateh on the night of February 4-5, 2013 at his residence at Mbangue taking away his AVENSIS Car, cell phones, a lap top and the sum of FCFA 1.5 million.     


The anti gang unit of the judicial police in Douala opened an investigation into the matter and succeeded to arrest the three bandits. The three hoodlums are presently detained at the judicial police in Bonanjo as investigations continue.


Fake Customs Officer Arrested

Elements of the anti-gang unit of the Judicial Police have arrested a fake customs officer who is specialized in duping the population and promising them entry into the Customs Corps.

 Edwin Tanui Tcharmbegeuh, 31, was arrested in Bamenda and brought back to Douala where he committed his crimes.

Tcharmbegeuh was arrested in Bambalang in Ndop, Northwest Region on Thursday, March 28. After duping some individuals in Douala and promising their children entry into the Customs Corps, Edwin Tanui then took refuge in Bamenda. After numerous complaints, the judicial police in Douala decided to open an investigation into the matter and a search warrant was issued against the said Edwin Tanui.

From a tip off, and with the help of other security operatives in the area and the local population, the policemen succeeded to capture Tcharmbegeuh in Bambalang in Ndop. He was brought back to Douala and on Tuesday, April 2, transferred to a Magistrate Court in Bonanjo on charges of illegal possession of a customs uniform, death threats and duping.

Police Nabbed Armed Bandit

Elements of 2nd District Public Security Police Station in New Bell, Saturday, March 30, arrested Aboubakar Garba, 21, in Bonapriso after he and his group carried out a robbery operation at Barilex Petrol Station. The three armed bandits executed in this operation at the New bel Barilex Petrol Station. After the operation, the bandits took off on board a motorbike. Other motorbike riders who watched their action chased after them.

At the level of Bonapriso, the bandits came into direct contact with elements of the 2nd District Public Security Police Station at New Bell on regular patrol. Sensing danger, the bandits jumped off their motorbike and a gun fell off. With the heavy rains that day, Bonapriso was flooded but the policemen succeeded to arrest one of the bandits, Aboubakar Garba, and took the gun. Investigators are presently squeezing out information from the rogue.

Man Found Dead In Pool of Blood

A 36-year-old man, Jean Paul Wagne, was found dead in his own pool of blood at about 5h30 am on Saturday, March 30, at Bepanda Axe Lourd behind College Lavigne. The man was found in an uncompleted building. The Post Learnt that he must have fallen from the upper floor of the building. No traces of violence were found on his body but the corpse was deposited at the Mortuary of the Douala Laquintinie Hospital.

  Similarly, two people were killed in a road accident at Avra Service at the Saint Michel neighborhood at about 10:00 pm on Friday, March 29. Arouna, 24, and Soulemane Djitoyap, 35, were busy repairing their vehicle stationed on the right lane of the road when the driver of another vehicle crushed them to death. The corpse of Arouna was taken by the family for burial, and that of Souleman Djitoyap was deposited at the Mortuary of the Douala Laquintinie Hospital.

 Fire Incident razes Six-room Apartment

A six-room apartment constructed in locally made wood has been burnt down to ashes at PK 10 in the Cogefar neighbourhood. The incident happened in the early hours of Monday, April 1. The victim, a widow, Madam Alice Nyassoke, is said to have forgotten a lit candle after blackout.

The population helped to contain the flames from attaining other neighbours. Another fire incident took place at about 8:30 pm on Tuesday, April 2, at the Barcelone neighbourhood. A gaz bottle is believed to have exploded at the residence of the victim, Mrs. Arlette Kiebe Assomo Pedjo. The house constructed in locally made wood was completely consumed by the ravaging flames.


Bandits Rob Customs Commander

Four bandits armed with locally made pistols have robbed a customs commander. The incident took place at about 9:30 pm on Saturday, March 30, at PK 8. The victim, whose only name The Post got as Manong, works at the Douala Ports. The four armed bandits forced the security guards of the neighbour to accompany them into the house of the victim at gun point. While there, they met Manong and his family dinning.

The gangsters administered flogged the customs commander, tied him and then ransacked the entire house. The bandits made away with three lap tops, five mobile phones, jewelry and the sum of FCFA 313.000. The bandits then released the security guards and took off on board two motorbikes. Before the Police could come, they had vamoosed. The customs commander was transported to the Cité Des Palmiers District Hospital.

By George Arrey Agbor

Source: The post