Ayah Paul Abine is a retired Supreme Court Judge , politician and human right activist.

While in school, our teachers used to invite guests to give us talks. I do remember that, in one of the talks, we were told that, when someone reports having come upon a corpse, that person is the first suspect in a case of homicide – or was he said to be the prime suspect? Anyway, terminology is not essential to our purpose here.

May we begin by pointing out that one seldom finds an honest person in our society today: least of all among the self-proclaimed intellectuals! In the first place, most of us are eager to draw conclusions about happening as if were at the scene of such happening. All normal persons do use the CONDITIONAL when RECOUNTING. But we of average intelligence are often ever so thorough in our conclusion. Only to contradict ourselves by calling for investigation soon after! What INVESTIGATION when we have drawn the conclusion already by apportioning blame?

About the Anglophone War, we are not without knowing that there are splinter groups now that owe no allegiance to the main/original groups. Some such groups are said to have been created and funded by the GOVERNMENT. They are euphemistically called VIGILANTE groups or AUTO-DEFENSE groups. Do such groups qualify as SEPARATISTS? How do you determine among the myriad of armed groups today the group responsible for a given act before investigation has been conducted?

Again, questions have been raised about the true authors of some atrocities like the massacres at Pinyin; the shooting at the civilian plane at the Bafut Airport; the kidnapping of some 80 students at Bamenda; the burning down of health institutions; etc. What would properly lead any sane person to apportion blame on anyone without mincing words when proper investigation has not been conducted?

Above all, there are several pro-Government groups on the social media that are often the first to publish some gruesome killings with photos and/or videos! Prominent among them is MA KONTRI PEOPLE DEM! Do such groups have reporters at the scenes of crime? Do they collaborate with the perpetrators of those crimes? In short, how and where do these groups obtain, in priority, such materials, and publish same before anyone else? Would SEPARATISTS film their commission of crimes and send the materials to the pro-Government groups to publish for them? And were that so, why does not the hammer of justice fall on such pro-Government groups for complicity – APOLOGIE DU TERRORISME?

It seems ONLY reasonable to draw the inference that, these pro-Government groups can only identify and associate with the pro-Government VIGILANTE groups or AUTO-DEFENSE groups. Logically, what these groups publish in the pride of place can only be the acts of the groups friendly to them! Otherwise, the onus is on these pro-Government groups to prove why the opposite and necessarily hostile groups do permit the pro-Government groups to be present unharmed at the scenes of crime; or why they prefer that their pro-Government enemies (at war with them) should publish their misdeeds before anyone else!

It equally seems clear that, as vaunted by CPDM bigots and zealots, their sixth most-informed Government in the world is well informed about these atrocities promptly; perhaps, before they are committed! In that event, it would only mean that the Government is protecting these pro-Government groups as co-authors of those atrocities; or, at least, as accomplices.


And, additionally, this sad end! We apparently only do pretend to express disgust at HEINOUS BLOODY crimes. If sincerely we did, why would we turn about and call on the Government to send more military for more violence – for the spilling of MORE BLOOD? If we sincerely did, why would we GLOAT over pictures of persons bleeding with swollen faces from torture who are presented as mere suspects – still presumed innocent! Why would we shun blood only to demand to see more blood?



Pa Ayah

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