Hon. Fritz Ngeka Promises To Hand Power Back To The People

Hon. Ngeka campaigning in Bue

While fronting the press. The SDF parliamentary aspirant hinted that if re-elected , his second mandate will not be too different from the first. ‘ We will have some core areas like Youths and Women Empowerment; a bulk of the population is made up of Youths and Women, so my running mate and I have decided and  are going to make sure that we empower the women in Fako East not only by doing what the previous MP’s have been doing, but we will do a series of Capacity building seminars for the next five years and give them seed capita. We will make sure we create job opportunities too for the women.’

He described his first mandate under the CPDM party as successful  and challenged his oppositions  who are seeking re-election to show the track record of what they have done to their communities. ‘ I have my log book. A good MP should be one  that is accountable to his electorate at the end of his mandate. I  think I have done it and I am pleased to have done this. Those who are going in for re-election showed also show their log books to the population if they know that they served them judiciously.’ Fritz challenged  

Hon. Fritz Engeke Etoke, told the press that his Three major priorities will center on Education, Road Infrastructure and  represent the people the way they want to be represented in Parliament. To him. Education is paramount for the wellbeing of the populace of the constituency.’ I started my first mandate with the creation of many schools and we built many classrooms in Fako East. I will ,make sure we increase the number of Classrooms, because education is the most important assert you can give to your children. That is why I have been involved in series of scholarship schemes in the last six years and even back to schools. I think I am the only MP in Fako who used his micro project to do back to school. I was not given any money from any Minister, I used my money’.

‘ Our road infrastructure is poor. We have to make sure we increase the number of roads. Look at the road going to Bimbia? It is unfortunate! Go to Tiko, Mutengen, we are tarring the roads. My Council was SDF.  I was working with them during my first mandate. I lobbied for projects for Tiko council.  I don’t know what the Parliamentarian from limbe was doing.   I promise the people of Bimbia that I know what to do. I have been doing it.’

  The SDF campaign trail made a stop in Tiko Saturday February 1st , where the population came out en mass to listen to their campaign manifesto.  The campaign trail for the Twin Elections to woo electorates will be navigating a crucial bend this week as all the aspirants will be on their last outings prior to the February 8 deadline for campaigns to end.