Heavy rains hit Bamenda, causing floods

the stream between Vatican Express and the Post Office Sonac Street

For three days today, Bamenda has been hit by heavy torrential rains, causing several streams and rivers running across town to overflow their banks, blocking some major streets and flooding some residential areas.

On Saturday traffic between Nkwen and main town was blocked for several hours when the stream between Commercial Avenue and Old town passing beside Vatican Travel Agency overflowed its banks and completely covered the bridge. Vehicles had to go through Old town and Ayaba Streets to get to main town or to Nkwen.

Similar situations were reported at parts of Sesia, Ntasin and Below Foncha, Mulang, Mbengwi Park, Miss Ngeng and cow streets.

No human loss of life was reported. But some families lost properties to the water.

Floods are a common occurrence in Bamenda during the month of September. City officials blame dwellers for using the streams and rivers to empty their refuse consequently blocking the water way and gutters.

In 2009, the government delegate with the mayors of Bamenda II and III launch a campaign to clear the water ways, discourage the planting of plantains and banana by river and stream sides and encourage the population to use public trash cans.

This seemed to have gone unheeded as plantain and banana suckers, plastic bottles, cans, shoes, maize, banana and plantain peelings, dresses, scrap vehicles, computer and television scraps are seen floating in streams and rivers every time it rains.

when the rains started again this afternoon , several parents could be seen rushing to fetch their children from school. 

By Abongwa Fozo