GPLA : 2018 Longlist Revealed

The Grand Prix of Literary Associations (GPLA) has received nominations for the 6th edition. A total of  129 books endorsed by 102 associations have been submitted for this years’ award. The contest is trilingual, and includes Spanish-written works, alongside those in French and English.

The submissions are from 39 countries. Besides Cameroon entries have also been received from  Mexico, Ecuador, Guatemala, Côte d’Ivoire, Canada, DR Congo, Gabon, Senegal, France, Chad, Israel, UK, Togo, Ireland, Congo, China, USA, South Africa, Argentina, Nigeria, Deutschland, Egypt, Ghana, Lebanon, Kenya, Spain, Guyana, Ecuatorial Guinea, Iceland, Sudan, Scotland, Algeria, Madagascar, Morocco, Tanzania, Japan, Irak, Syria, Trinidad and Tobago.

See below is the complete  lists, in both the Research and Belles-Lettres Categories.

GPLA 2018 Research

2018 Belles-Lettres