Governor steps in to stop conflict between warring Ngoketunjia Villages


The Governor of the North West region, Adolf Lele L’Afrique has stepped in, taking drastic measures to end the now bloody confrontations between several villages in Ngoketunjia division which has led to at least six persons being injured amongst several other damages.

This follows recent clashes between villagers of Baligashu, Baligansin and Balikumbat against the village of Bamunkumbit.

According to sources in the administration of the North West region and Ngoketunjia SDO’S office, the conflict first escalated in November 2014 after a coalition of three Bali villages notably Baligansin, Baligashu and Balikumbat attacked the village of Bamunkumbit.

The reason for the attack, it is said was to avenge the death of one of the Baligansin villagers who had been killed by them Bamunkumbit people over a disputed piece of land. T his first confrontation which took place on 28 November caused the Ngoketunjia administration to immediately step in by deploying troops to the area which is located in Balikumbat subdivision.

Despite measures taken by the administration to stop the situation from escalating, the three Bali villages mounted another attack on the village of Bamunkumbit on the 28 of December 2014 wrecking mayhem.

To put the situation under control, a temporary military base was set up in the campus of GHS Bamunkumbit to check further attacks of Bamunkumbit from the three Bali villages. Reports from authoritative sources disclosed that the village warriors of the villages of Baligansin, Baligashu and Balikumbat had all been mobilized for the war against Bamunkumbit with many locally fabricated rifles were already in circulation in the area.

Further investigations revealed that the president of the bike riders in Balikumbat and some top elites whose names The Sun is withholding were involved in the raging conflict.

Though the attention of the Fons of the three Bali villages were drawn to the looming bloodbath ,they did not do anything to call their villagers to order When security forces went on with their investigations, The Sun gathered ,they stormed neighbouring Bamali village in Ndop subdivision where they had received information that arms were stocked. But this rather created another war given that there is a deadly chieftaincy dispute in the said village.

Given that Bamali villager deposed their administratively recognized Fon in 2009 and enthroned their own, the presence of troops in the palace on a search only worsened matters and set the villagers on rampage. This did not only end there as fresh plans by Bamali villagers to attack another village,Bamunka for siding with the ousted Fon were also uncovered.

Thus the Governor of the North West Region, Adolf Lele L’Afrique has stopped at nothing to restore order in the warring villages which are in Balikumbat and Ndop subdivisions of the North West Region.