Gen. Nka and Ekongwese Visit recently Attacked Posts in West Region

Both generals (middle) listening to their collaborators as the attacks unfolded

The commander of the 5th joint military region (RMIA5), Brigadier General Nka Valerie and that of the gendamerie region (COMRG5), Brigadier General Ekongwese Divine have visited some five command posts in the West region, that were recently attacked by non-state actors. The visit took them to the gendarmerie brigade and police station in Galim, thegendarmarie brigades in Njitapon, Bangourain and Kouchong

On the early hours of March 8, 2020, separatist fighters on two separate attacks killed at least eight persons with many others injured in Galim.

At the gendamerie brigade Galim, just like at the police station and at the gendamerie brigade in Kouchong, the two generals took stock of the damages caused by the separatist fighters and measures that have been put in place to prevent future attacks.

While at the gendamerie brigade in Galim, General Nka Valerie and Ekongwese Divine were briefed on how the assailants came carried out their attack.

Both men advised the Brigade commanders to set defense posts at strategic locations

In response, the generals advised them on exactly what to do amongst which was the creation of defense posts at all strategic places around the brigade.

At the police station, the two generals listened to the worries of the police officers and promised to solve them or channel to their hierarchy where possible.

In Njitapon, the Generals and their close collaborators were received by the traditional ruler, who expressed the gratitude of his people to the officials for bringing a command post in their village. He said it’s thanks to the military that the villagers are living without any fear.

At every stop, the forces of law and order were advised to remain professional as they defend the state of Cameroon.

By Nji Nelson Chefor