GCE Results To Be Ready 1st Week Of August – Registrar


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

 The Registrar of the GCE Board, Humphrey Ekema Monono, has disclosed that results of the 2012 session of the GCE will be out by the first week of August.


 Speaking to The Post, July 20, the Registrar said, “Everything being equal the results will be out in the first week of August.


  “The preparation phase went on without any hitches. The exam was written hitch-free. Marking also went on appropriately and hitch-free. The invigilators, superintendents, chiefs of centres, in fact, all actors concerned, have been paid their dues. If not of a few technical hitches, with AES-SONEL, we should have the results ready by the first week of August,” Monono explained.


 “Presently, technical work and grading are going on. We shall in the weeks ahead, be inviting the Awards Committee of the Examinations Executive Committee, EEC, for the final awards of the results, before presenting them to the Minister for approval before publication,” Monono disclosed.


 Asked about leakages in the exams, Monono replied; “Leakages are a tradition forgotten and I hope, forgotten for good. The candidates have grown mature. Meantime, observers believe that the absence of leakages is thanks to the Multiple Choice Questions, MCQs,” he replied.


 Meantime, the construction of the GCE Board Complex has begun. Heavy duty machines have been working for about one month, bulldozing and levelling the place. In reaction to this, Monono said he was delighted that it was happening under his stewardship.


 GCE Board staff have also expressed joy as they will have more office space when the structure is completed.

By Bouddih Adams


Source: The Post

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