Fuh Calistus Gentry Woos CPDM Councilors of Misaje, Ako



Ful Carlistus with close collaborators

Ful Carlistus with close collaborators

The CPDM Divisional Campaign team headed by Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry met councilors of the Misaje and Ako councils in two separate gathering to woo for their votes ahead of the April 14, senatorial elections.

Addressing CPDM councilors yesterday April 7, 2013 in Ako, Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry said that the upcoming senatorial elections would be a test and commitment in the ideals of the ruling CDPM. “It is not only about voting senators but about erasing the stigma that the SDF has inflicted on the North West Region for the past twenty years”. He told councilors that voting the SDF would mean making a wrong choice. “If you vote a wrong side, you are indirectly giving your positions as councilors to them”, he reminded councilors. Dr. Calistus said that if today Fru Ndi only wants to visit Ako and Misaje, it is because they are shinning. “If you have remained as slaves under the SDF, nobody would have known you”.

Voting for the SDF Dr. Calistus Gentry said implies that the councilors have thrown their destiny to the dogs. He however called on all the CPDM councilors to be conscious of the fact that by voting the CPDM, they are confirming their unalloyed support to President Biya.

Presenting the CPDM senatorial candidate for Donga Mantung, Prof. Jikong Stephen to the people of Ako, Dr. Calistus Gentry described him as someone who has done a lot for the country. He said the senate is for people who have the aptitude to vote good laws and not hand-picked individuals who are selected based on personal sentiments. He also ushered in the fons of Ako sub Division to support the CPDM senatorial list led by Rt. Hon. Achidi Achu.

The CPDM senatorial candidate for Donga Mantung Division, Prof. Jikong Stephen said all his life he has worked for the people but had never ever contested in any elections. He also added that it’s pathetic that Ni John Fru who once wanted to rule this country was defeated so badly that he has reduced himself to the level of contesting elections with him.  He emphasized that educationally that person cannot be his student.

On his part, the Section President for Donga Mantung III, Ako, Hon. Ntoi Joseph called on CPDM councilors to remain loyal to the party. He told the senatorial aspirants that as they are on their knees begging for vote, they should make sure that when elected, they should lobby for Ako to benefit from more development projects.

Misaje Fons, Councilors Declare for CPDM

The meeting with councilors of Misaje Council also registered the massive attendance of traditional rulers. In an open declaration, the fons said they were behind the CPDM. Fon Nkei John II of Akweto, President of Misaje Fons Union declared that all traditional rulers will make sure that all the 25 councilors vote for the CPDM.

Speaking earlier, Dr. Fuh Calistus told councilors that even if his own son is candidate on the opposite side, he would campaign against him. He said that even though there are claims that the SDF candidate is from Misaje, she has nothing to do with them.

Dr. Calistus said he stands as an elite of Misaje to declare that the CPDM will bring development more than any other. He called on the councilors to understand that even in Parliament; MPs usually cast their votes based on party lines and not on personal sentiments. Misaje, councilors he said should not be different.

Minister Fuh Calistus asked the councilors whether the opposition has ever taken up machetes to ask for the tarring of the ring road. “They only take on machetes when it concerns their personal interests”, he noted. “The SDF is finished in Nkambe and it would be unfortunate if the reverse is to happen in Misaje” he reminded the councilors. “Let it be that Fru Ndi goes to the senate that the President pitied and appointed him and not that we voted him”. As earlier hinted, councilors of Nwa Council it has been confirmed that they will be given a three-days VIP treatment at a certain home in Taku while those of Misaje will be lodged at Mbiyeh at Ngafeeson's home. More so, the councilors of Ako who were to be lodged and feed at Hon JK Ntoi's home in Ako will be transported to Nkambe. A source hinted that the councilors of Ako will be lodged at Gerard Ngala's residence. Further more, they will move in a group to the polling station on April 14, 2013. However, public opinion is aghast that by so doing the principles of democracy are not respected, yet CPDM bigwigs say it is about party discipline.


By FC Junior


Source: The Eye Newspaper