Fru Ndi, Sadi Hold Secret Talks


 The Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralisation and the SDF National Chairman, John Fru Ndi, Friday, August 9, held secret talks at the latter’s Ntarinkon residence.

The Minister’s maiden visit to Bamenda was at the behest of the Northwest Fons’ Union who organised an ecumenical service to pray that peace reigns before, during and after the Legislative and Municipal elections of September 30.

Rene Sadi, former CPDM Secretary General and personal representative of President Biya at the NOWEFU meeting, was invited together with his 50-man entourage, to a sumptuous breakfast at Fru Ndi’s residence. Also significant was the fact that, for the first time in over 24 years since the launch of the SDF party, former Prime Minister, Senator Simon Achidi Achu, led Senator Fon Teche Njie, President of Fons Union, to Ntarinkon.

But Fru Ndi and Sadi appealed to all other guest and dignitaries to stay outside and, for over 35 minutes, they held talks in camera. Nothing filtered out of the Fru Ndi-Sadi talks, but our source that pleaded to remain anonymous said, “we are sure that the SDF National Chairman emphasised the danger of any rigging of elections and the consequences if the CPDM agents in the Regions do not desist from such electoral malpractices.”


When Fru Ndi and Sadi resurfaced from the discussion room into the courtyard, Reporters tried in vain to know from them what they discussed. Insisting that he would only talk at the ecumenical service to be held that afternoon at the Bamenda Congress hall, Fru Ndi said, “I am going to speak out my mind in the afternoon during the ecumenical service, so, if you are interested, let’s take an appointment at (sic) 3 pm.”

That, however, did not happen, because Fru Ndi was barred from making any speech. While thanking Northwest Fons for inviting Biya to an ecumenical service, Sadi said such an initiative from traditional rulers was highly appreciated by the Head of State. He said Cameroon is fortunate to have a leader who cherishes and promotes peace.

The Minister called on the Fons and all Northwesterners to ensure peace reigns during and after elections. He said for over 30 years, President Biya “has progressively been putting in place an electoral body to organise free, fair and transparent elections.” One of Northwest Fon’s messengers, Jonathan Fru, pleaded with President Biya to come to their rescue, because, “when elections are called up, Northwest remains a battleground”.

He told the Fons not only to preach peace but to practically ensure that it reigns. The Government Delegate to the Bamenda City Council, Vincent Ndumu Nji, said Bamenda is growing in leaps and bounds today because the 1990 upheavals have not shown up again.
The representative of the Bamenda Archbishop, Rev. Engelbert Kofon, prayed that justice should reign for peace to be meaningful.

The Imam of the Old Town Central Mosque, and a host of other Pastors from various denominations, besides praying for peace, urged the population to shun sin. “All politicians will give an account to God. For us to live in peace, embezzlers and others involved in wrong-doing must repent and seek the Kingdom of God first,” averred Rev. Felix Fimba.