Fru Ndi Rubbishes Arrest Of Inoni, Marafa

SDF National Chairman, Ni John Fru Ndi, has described the arrest of Chief Ephraim Inoni and Marafa Hamidou Yaya as too weak to distract Cameroonians from resisting Biya’s promulgation of new electoral code into law.

Speaking to the press on Tuesday, April 17, at his Ntarinkon residence, Fru Ndi said the arrest of the former Prime Minister and erstwhile Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralisation, who were all involved in rigging successive elections, has come to demonstrates that “even those who helped Biya to plant himself illegally at the helm of this country are the same thieves he has being doing dirty business with.”

“You must have known that Marafa used to have results before elections are over, and it is Inoni that was almost lynched in Buea sometime ago when he was caught stuffing ballot boxes with CPDM ballot papers. He took on his heels for safety.”

 Fru Ndi said Cameroon has remained on same spot because of these corrupt officials, who spent time blackmailing politicians.  “Inoni was caught with letters that were written pitting Northwesterners and Southwesterners insinuating that these letters were from the SDF threatening to fire everyone when it takes over command, if you are not from the Northwest,” Fru Ndi said.

 The SDF Chair said, arresting big thieves is one thing and recovering the stolen money is another. “I hear only FCFA 1.5 billion has been recovered from those he has arrested and detained for over the years, and those who carried out the arrests say they have used it for the operation. This, to me, is scandalous,” he pointed out.

Fru Ndi wondered how it had to take President Biya 21 years to look for proof. “I have known Biya too well, he lives and dines with these thieves and as soon as he finishes with you, he dumps you. This act should not derail Cameroonians from real issues, because during our NEC meeting this weekend we are going to map a new way forward.”

He argued that those milking the public funds are supposed to be arrested but should be tried speedily. For the length of time Inoni and Marafa will be at Kondengui, Fru Ndi said, their consciences will help them reflect whether they served this country honestly or not. “After all, prison is not the end of one’s life; except some of them decide to commit suicide there.”

 Fru Ndi blamed Biya for promoting and keeping indiscipline Ministers. He said when the SDF disciplined recalcitrant Mayors some years ago, it was Marafa who protected these Mayors and instructed them to disrespect the party’s decisions.  According to him, even CPDM Mayors who could not live up to expectations had enough protection from Marafa.

Now that Marafa is jailed, Fru Ndi expressed the wish to have seen his court case with Marafa done with, before his arrest.  “He told lies how in 2008 riots, he saw me with a hardened criminal behind my car, showing structures to be burnt. I dragged him to court to answer these charges. Today who is a criminal, him (Marafa) or I, Fru Ndi?” he quipped.

 Asked whether the SDF has been approached to state how they manage support funds given by government to help political parties, Fru Ndi said receipts are available to justify every franc used. “It is only SDF that has an account in which money given as subvention from the Ministry of Finance is channeled. Those who have signatories to that account are the Treasurer, Secretary General and Vice Chairman, not Fru Ndi. My role is to approve funds for the party activities and I have all receipts for verifications,” the SDF Chairman said.

 Quizzed whether Northerners will react violently to the arrest of Marafa, Fru Ndi said Northerners are mature enough to revolt against the arrest which can be interpreted as condoning crime. “If Fru Ndi embezzles he should be investigated and arrested and not for supporters to use the incident to cover crimes committed by Fru Ndi. The SDF is no respecter of persons. Laws of the party and the country must be respected by all,” he said.

 He added, “It would be recalled that it was former Prime Minister, Ephraim Inoni, who instituted and propagated “Operation Sparrow Hawk and Operation Antelope.” As author of his own “Agumba”, he has been exposed to show to the world that he was sitting on stinking files about himself.” 

Fru Ndi said late AC Ngafor had a fraudulent company and foxed his way out when police came looking for him. To him, all is sham because these are fellows who where pretending to be saints yesterday and today, they are being hunted for embezzlement, using the tools they put in place.


By Chris Mbunwe

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